… the fruit of the SPIRIT is LOVE.

Many times in the past when I woke from bed, I got moved with compelling emotions to ask so many questions about the existence of men. Where are we from, what are we here for, when will we all leave this place, who brought us here and where did that person come from? These thoughts were tightly glued to my emotions. And after several days and years of asking without answers, I bargained myself out of that thinking.
I thought that was the end of all I could ask about who we are as men. The supposedly most intellectual of all creatures – with the unparalleled ability to express our emotions to the max. Yes! We can sing and sing and sing. We can cry, we can write, we can smile, and we can open our arms wide for warm embraces. We can even scream till the creatures that inhabit the inner part of us are earth quailed from their comforts. We as humans can understand and judge with such precision that strangles the imagination of all other creatures. So my thoughts never ceased to question me – they always fight within the boundaries of my thinking scope and sometimes threaten to burst out when the urge is so strong. Every single day, they keep asking a single question. WHY CAN’T HUMANS LOVE?
Growing up, I thought life was all rosy. I always saw people living in houses, in those houses were the old – called the parents and the young called the children. It was like that in many houses, they moved out in the morning and by dusk, they were all returning to their places of abode. But there were some houses where noise was always emanating from. The older ones were always quarreling, casting accusations, pointing fingers and sometimes wishing ill fates for each other. They could actually curse and end up causing physical assaults to each other. I got marveled and finally ended up thinking that was normal. Then I was sent to school and my teachers drummed into my ears the subject of divorce and unstable relationships. That seemed to answer all my questions – it is normal for such things to happen, some houses can be without fights and others would have to fight on anticipated basis.
But now the questions from my thoughts are even stronger. WHY CAN’T WE LOVE? Why can’t we do what we do and back every act of ours with a pure heart? So I neared to a man in my vicinity who was in his late seventies, full of years. I questioned him out of curiosity and he said to me: my son, the world would have been the most wonderful place and a carbon copy of Heaven by the standards of your thinking. But it isn’t so. I have personally been a victim of a broken home and I said to myself, I wouldn’t want to let any child of mine suffer such wits. But here I am that in the end, I have without any intent, created a broken home for myself and my children. I can attempt to answer all questions from you – my son, but I wouldn’t try to answer this one that – How Come That Our Lives Together as Couples Started in So Much Glory but Today, We Are the Worst Our Eyes Would Want to See?
Yes I had dreams about her. She fitted my embrace and was the rescue to me even when I waged war in my dreams. She was the part of me I hated to hate and in only her womb was I ready to implant my generation. She also saw me as the perfect man. I was that bit needed to make her life integral. I wiped the question marks in her life and dotted every incomplete sentence in her, turning them all into wholesome statements. We could only say to each other “I LOVE YOU”. But our individual completeness could not transform into a completed end and how that happened … I just can’t tell.

My son, it’s not just a hitch with the married. People of your age also suffer that cancer and it is advancing at an even worst exponential rate. Many of people like you are filled with bitterness and rage to the point they don’t want to hear about LOVE. Some have turned their minds into knots, vowing before the heavens, never to give LOVE another chance. To them it just doesn’t work for them. Maybe they might have been failed utterly umpteen times by what we call LOVE, but that is not the end. That should not prevent you from discovering. There is LOVE hidden in your heart. The confidence to walk it out is what reveals LOVE. Somebody needs you. LOVE never gives up. My life is almost nearing an end, it was too late when I realized I could LOVE WELL. And now it is too late for me to Love My Wife a better way. Don’t let it be too late for you. Never stop fighting for LOVE. You can always… ALWAYS… LOVE AGAIN!!!

…but the greatest of these is LOVE.


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