Life, life, life? We all have a life to live. To live it just once but never twice. Immortality has never been our portion. Ants have a life, goats a have life, trees have a life, and squirrels too. We all do have a life do live. We all do have a life to live. Our life is a trajectory. Like the trajectory of a projectile. Surely with a set point and a maxim – a point we cannot exceed. A point we cannot outwit. The only differences between the life of man and that of other creatures are purpose and reasoning. Men have more reasoning but lack accurate purpose. The other creatures lack accurate reasoning but they live their purpose to perfection. Why is this so? The other creatures know who they are. But man, who are you?
Walk through the principal streets of the various cities and towns that we have and you will surely come across so many people. So many beings who have similar morphological features. Each of us have our distinct natures. We have our own personal beliefs and our inherent cultures. We have our own principles and modalities. We have our own explanation to issues and our own perception of the world we live in. We even have our own likes and like not’s. These are what makes everyone of us unique. You are totally special and that person is too.
Coming into this world, we have just one purpose. No matter what we believe in. There is just one reason why we are here. That is the solely distinct purpose of our being – to make our maker proud. But in our pilgrimage, we do two main things, we give to the world, and we take from the world. Whatever we take from the world doesn’t define our accomplishment of our divine purpose. It is what we give to the world we came to meet that structures our purpose. So through the many years, several days, numerous hours, extensive number of minutes and the incomprehensible array of seconds we spend on the soils of this earth, what we leave the world with is what matters.
Life has two facets. The one we always see and the END we never see or aren’t ever ready to see. It’s so sad that the later doesn’t affect our being that much. It is what we see that moves us to act as we do. We see the funny aspect of life and that is what we want to enjoy. We see the happy side of life and that is what we want to bless ourselves with. We see the shades of life and that is where we want to rest our lives. Occasionally we chance on the sad side of life. But they are too short-lived to partition us well. So then our target is all on us and what will make us happy, famous, wealthy, healthy and showy.
To this end, it is not amazing to encounter all sorts of vices on our streets. It is only fair that people will use all dangling means to acquire such ends. It isn’t amazing to see a young lady demeaning her value only for the attainment of esteem. It is real to encounter a rich man doing everything within his means to remain rich be it fair or foul at the expense of some poor man’s single daily meal. It is only natural that since we only see the brighter side of life, we concentrate on ourselves more than that of others – sacking the principles of equity, love and professionalism from their infinitesimal shells to lie at the mercies of the wailing floods of the passing times. With these ideas in mind, it isn’t worrisome to consider a world built on total injustice, where lack of respect, gross indiscipline and the total lack of fear for God are peacefully inhabiting.
Life has done every one of us a great disappointment. Almost all of us forget about two things. Who we are and how we became what we are. Man, who you are is not the famous, rich, strong, active, vibrant, morbid or moribund personality you are now. Ooh not at all. You are far from that. Who you really are is what has been hidden from your intimate view for long. You are the exact same person who can be wracked of the road by that speeding vehicle and consciousness wouldn’t easily be your portion. You are the same creature who would be lying unresponsive to any stimulus of the world and would be subject to 6 feet of depth in the core of the earth. You are the same person who by no fault of yours could be afflicted by that cancer emaciation. You are that same being who would be caught gasping for breath should that asthmatic attack befall you. You are that same being who some years ago paid visit to this world in nudity. Man, you are no special than that other man walking down the street.
Many are sick, many are mad, a lot are dead. Of no fault of theirs. Many cry and a lot sorrow, from a cause they have no idea. The weak, the feeble, the strong, the privileged, the challenged, the favored, the skilled and the bitten, all manage such fates from no choice of theirs. Some were born into muds, others into valleys, some on trees and others on mountain tops. No one called to be born somewhere. Had it been anyone’s special wish, life would be the awesome, pleasurable, positively memorable one. Harmony, satisfaction, fame and actualization wouldn’t have been options. But the wits of life didn’t present us all with equal opportunities. Some would never have the chance to see light. Others are born into total darkness, some see the rays of light from afar but never get to it. Others are just too lucky to swim in the river of luck. That’s how the world is. So who you are now, is no work of yours. What do you have that you didn’t receive?
You are never better than any other person in this world – not even that mad man on the street. You can acquire a casket now, ant that tortured brain would still be walking about, showcasing better sights of hope. Accord everyone maximum respect. And let it not be said of you that by your acts, people scorn the privileged. You can put a smile on that crying face.
This is what you really are.

Obed Mensah-Benyin (B.M.O)

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