WHEN ALL COLOURS FADE AWAY – our world without colours

color 3color 2Its action time…we have to make this happen, by any means possible, against all odds. This is our serious time, we mean business – business and nothing else. And at this juncture. Should we think about anything, red comes to mind. On our arms, on our wrists, around our heads, even our eyes talk red. RED is action – our definition of vitality, of confidence and of war. The Red World.
From the ashes we came and to them we must return. The same who rose some days ago must return to earth’s embrace. And when they do, we scream out loud. We cry to the confusion of the birds. He who was with us enters the night and we can’t just hold ourselves together. Our emotions betray us and erupt out in tears the love and care we carried. The facet of the unknown – the obscure. This is me. As BLACK as I can be. The definition of all negatives. The substance of pain and the ever-standing image of death. The Black world, of sorrow, worry and mourning.
The best of all things. The greatest the world could ever embrace. If it should be clean then it should be me. The quintessence of cleanliness. Like the snow of winter. Let men need perfection and I come to mind. A baby is born. A new soul visits mother earth, victory ensues and I am the breeze of the atmosphere. I am white and I am pure. If its purity, if its victory, if its divinity, if its holiness, if its joyous moments, seek no door than the one with the inscription, “WHITE”. The White world. A world for the divine.
There is only one mother. Only one mother for all creatures. In whom all things are found – Mother Nature. The very place the intents of the creator lies. I’m just beautiful in the eyes of all who encounter my basics. At my sight jaws can’t hold but drop. I’m like I was created. Blossom like the rain forest. I hold on to my integrity and I’ve not lost my value to any “man”. I’m GREEN. I’m just virgin GREEN. The Green world. A world of natural people.
It’s time to compete. Let’s go for some medals and I’m the ultimate. Earth hides me in her belly and Mars wonders how men will certainly track me. Think of wealth, think of success. Think heaven, think Jewelry. Think wisdom and that’s me. I define what wealth is. Beyond me is no prosperity. I’m GOLDEN, I’m heavenly and I’m biblical. The Golden world. A world of actualization.

There are so many colours mother earth was blessed with. A few we know and many we know not of. Colour is the beauty of our world. Colour defines us. We present ourselves by the colours we choose. We’ve come to meet colours and we’ve loved them. The peacock blends colours in style. Loquacious parrot is so because she has so much difference to show. Rose is adorable amongst all colours because of her elegant colours. Colours speak in our lives.

But what if we live in a world without colours? What if all colours faded away? Which colour should disappear first? Which colour should there be? How would our world be like without colours?

Maybe we might have to go back to our Black and White era. But remember they are also colours which must fade away. Nature has given us so much to be appreciative of and preserve. What a world it would be without colours?
JUST tell me…what world would we live in without colours? To me we would all be blind and our world would be blind too. Many would hate having been created.

color 5color 4 Let’s love nature, Love colours and keep them even more powerful for a better future.


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