How do we react to such situations? Is there more we can do than to say “sorry”? What is entailed in that “more”? As we tender in our final words of condolence, we return to our own struggles. Bearing our own difficulties. In the end, the unfortunate, may in the middle of the misery handle the misfortune in loneliness. Maybe we are just not able to more. Maybe the structure of life and its components, make it not possible.

That old adage, “only the bearer of yolk, knows its …”
May the Gracious Lord in the light of his Mercies, keep all and sundry safe from any adversity. And to those already afflicted, the overflow of strength to stand and conquer in such perilous times be their portion.
If we can do more…Let us extend a more comforting hand. The vicissitudes of life.

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