Unique. Elevated. Not Superior. the value of human life.

Allow me once again the opportunity to reach the doorstep of your tolerance with yet another exposure.

I happen to have observed quite a number of human circumstances and the perpetual thoughts of them leaves me with not more to do than to scribble a few words down the order of literature.

How special the human race is amongst the host of the universe goes a long way to be told. You in particular as a being are more than you might have known. Categorization with regards to the taxonomic rank had you conquer all such kingdoms like plantae, fungi, bacteria to find yourself amongst the elite of Animalia, – down to the genus and species of homo sapiens. Even amongst these species, in the highly sophisticated mechanisms of embryology, you outwitted the adverse circumstances of the female reproductive tract amidst its treacherous road blocks to stand tall over other possible 15million competitors towards fertilization of that one ovum that made you. Your post fertilization period was not met with any chromosomal aberrations that could have conferred structural abnormalities. The propulsive efforts of the cilia in those tubes were not met with any obstruction to result your implantation an ectopic one. Fully implanted in a well prepared endometrium, hormonal surges and plateaus in their right periodicities and quanta kept you away from any threatening or inevitable expulsions. The folates and irons were in their right manners, ensuring that there was no issue with structural spinal deformities. On a faithful day, through some divine orchestra, the pain of labour or the cut of a stiletto brought you to life. Glorious!!!

You are indeed a legend. Having chalked all such natural feet, you went ahead to take on the issues of life and now you stand as one of the best in your field of work. You are rich. You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are famous. You are well to do. You can buy and sell. You are much all you have always wanted to be and feel like you can become anything you wish to be. In your garage are a fleet of cars and your bank accounts run without number. Your subordinates steal from you without you feeling a pinch. Your investments are known all over the regions. Mansions bear your initials. “What is there again to life?” – you keep asking yourself.

You deserve a haven of applause for not allowing the debilitating conditions of this life to break down the spine of your belief. The challenges of life could have swallowed your dreams and digested them into nothingness down its tract of waste but you resisted. You burnt some candles in the mid of the night. Whiles others slept you remained to pray. When others ate you saved to build. As you gathered the pieces you saw others rendering away the many. To you, time and tide was in wait for no man. You’ve done all these in other to make life what it is now. There were times people looked down on you. You needed help from fellow men but it seemed the world had none. For some reason the world just did not present fair. You studied to pass your exams whiles others cheated their way through.

Well done!!! This is the time to live life. You sit with your thoughts in the comfort of your accomplishments and say “I have made it. This is the time to show my worth.”
But before your emotions turn you a little sour and throw you off the tracks, always remember pride lurks around the corner. The margin between pride and being who you really want to be is grey. Be proud of who you are, be proud of what God has made you. Let it give you a reason to be thankful. Let it give you a reason to believe you can do more. But don’t let it make you proud. Don’t boast in the fanciful things to the extent that the value of humans means nothing to you. Let not your achievements mean more than a human’s life or their dignity. Do not let them make you feel you need no one in life.

It was human affair that formed you. A human carried you in her womb, humans assisted your arrival to earth. Humans thought you. Humans paid for your academics. Humans planted the food that you buy with your money. When you had money to build a house, it was humans who made it possible. You are clothed not because you can buy them to wear but because someone made them available even to be bought. A human accepted you so you could have a beloved. Your money doesn’t move an inch on its own. Cars are idle without humans. At the end of it all, when you are no more and of no significance to this world, it is humans who would sweat to burry your remains.

The issues of life might not have been fair to you. You harbour some pain against humans. Your achievements in life might have gotten over you. So humans don’t mean much to you. Let us value human life. It is what makes us. Its value as a collective and individually stands tall to all.

Indeed, we are Unique. We are elevated. But none of us is superior.

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