Trends Of Our Time -So1Eo4 – Broken Vessel


She came my way

I loved her, from within me I could sense it

I had a third eye about her, but I kept my doubts

I thought my Love could cover her weakness

I thought my total love could transform her – into that angel I ever wished

But now I’m married

I look around me, but I find not the rewind button

Life in reality, isn’t in our total control

We can easily make, but to unmake…,

If only I could turn back the hands of time

Maybe I would have never dreamt of marrying, less to have ever met her.

She was the lady I choose to love

She was who I thought ticked all my standards

She was the only one amongst the many I felt peace with

She brought marriage closer than ever

The days with her in the dark, our honeymoon

But today, I’m sadly married and every moment, all I think is DIVORCE

Obed Mensah-Benyin

**********************Previously, On Trends of Our Time***********************

“I know you want to run away from this. But you can never do that Alex replied”.

We have done well but we could even do better. Our individual acts, every single one of them, should be towards making us great.

Anyway, I won’t complain much. But don’t say I did not tell you in case something happens. For now I would only hope and pray that this does not trigger any negativity… Alex follows Rex who poses as though there was no one around him taking to him …

“Rex, do you need to be told? Didn’t you see? Her whole behavior was all over her? I am very sure she is married. No woman would have such confidence to make two abled gentlemen that hot no matter what training she has been through if she doesn’t have any man at home on whom she has been rehearsing her antiques”.

Trends of our time continues ——

~Mr. Brew & Rex~

“Your mother has been behaving strangely of late. I had not really wanted to involve you in this but at the moment I think you are old enough. You are man enough to be told some of these things.”

“Dad, what are you talking about? I just got here. I’ve barely settled and you are meeting me with all these. What is wrong? What has she done?”

“I think you and your sisters would have to intervene in the whole issue: Mr. Brew said with more emphasis”

“Dad, what actually is the issue? What actually are you talking about? You’ve been talking, but I can’t make the head and tail of the whole issue. Where is Mum and does she need any special attention?”

“She is good I guess… Something happened some ago. I didn’t want to call you to disturb you so I waited patiently till any of you comes around. And like a miracle you came today. Over the period, things have been a little rough between your mother and me. I didn’t really expect her to take a hike of the issue like she is doing at the moment.”

“Dad, I understand that for every couple there can be the occasional mix-up. And you had your own difficulties, though they were quite often. Has there been anything apart from that?”

“I have not eaten anything prepared by your mother since the day of the incidence. She ceased to cook in the house. She has even left our married bed for the free room in the “boys’-quarters”.”

“Hmmmm!!! What actually was the incidence? So how have you been surviving? Rex asked as he stood to pick a bottle of water from the table.”

“I would only tell you to advise her. Some heated argument went on in this house and the scene…though I was part isn’t one worth my description. She needs to understand the situation I am in now and act as the wife I met. She isn’t acting as the woman I met and loved some years ago. Just talk to her. I rest my case: Mr. Brew said showing signs of his closure of that discussion.”

“Well…. Dad, you’ve said a lot of words. They show how unhappy you are but you’ve not actually voiced out what actually is the issue. You are a man of few words. These words are too terse for my consumption and digestion. If I would have anything to do about the issue, I should at least have something to base my argument on or maybe have somewhere to start from. No one visits the palace with no intent. Please tell me something concrete.”

“Ato!!! I’ve said my bit. Just talk to her. She knows what’s going on. Women are better at expatiating issues. I have nothing else to say. I’m even tired of thinking about the whole issue. And talk to those little ones in the house before you leave. They aren’t learning. The grades they’ve been bringing to this house aren’t encouraging enough: They are tarnishing the academic reputation you’ve built for the family in the town: He said as he took the dailies he was reading and entered into his bedroom.”

Rex sat in the living room alone, wondering what exactly had led to his father’s reaction. What exactly is wrong?

***********flashback *********

~Alex & Theo~

“I know you might be a little shocked how I’ve approached you. That is how life is. Some people have some unparalleled sense of attraction around them and I guess you are one; Alex said showing gestures of his pleasure as Rita sat still wondering the confidence of this guy”.

“Why would a damsel like you be sitting all alone in an environment of class like this? Has that lucky guy who got you here left for something elsewhere? Something I would find very hard to do?”

“Mr.!!! How may I help you please? I’m not sure we’ve met before so I don’t think we have any common grounds on which to have a discourse. You’ve not even introduced yourself and you want to engage me in a conversation. How did you even get to know my name?”

“Sorry for my corrupt manners on this. I am Alex Pious Boamah, a member of the Xelit family in Haigen. I saw you throughout as you went through your duties as the Mistress of the Ceremony. I really respected you on all those outfits. That was how I got to know your name.  I hope you wouldn’t mind if I pulled a seat for myself? Alex replied in a shameful manner after he had pulled a chair to sit down.”

They were in a hall that had the track “I look to you” by Whitney Houston playing at the background. They sat around a glassy round table that was one and a half times as high as the plate of the chairs they sat on. The chairs were violet and could be swung about through 360 degrees. In the hall were only five of such tables which were at the rare, allowing the inner part to serve as a mini-dance area for lovers of dexterous showcases.

“Well that’s good.”

“Have you been here alone? Alex asked”

“Yes I have. I’m anticipating another quite hectic week ahead next week.  So I wouldn’t want to get myself too tired. I’m already feeling quite tired.”

“Let me say this before. Most of my female friends tell me I am annoying the very first time they get to meet me. Reasons of which I haven’t yet been able to decipher from them. I hope you don’t say same? But in the end, we’ve made good friendships.”

“I personally don’t like naughty guys. Though I can be naughty in my own way. Too much of it pisses me off. So which of these friends accompanied you here?”

“None of them did please. Alex answered wondering how Rita could ask such a direct question. He just realized she could be up for a mind game. I like to have fun but not always. Can I ask this?”

“Oh yeah sure. Why not? If only I have a good enough answer. Rita answered whilst taking a sip.”

“What would be the worst thing you wouldn’t expect from a guy?”

“Do you mean from my guy or from any guy at all? She asked to clarify.”

“From any guy at all. He retorted, smiling to her.”

“Hmmmm…that is quite tough. I haven’t really given it a thought. For a guy to throw a finger at a lady I think. No matter the circumstance governing his actions, that act is the worst I would expect from a guy.”

“That? And not when he lays with another lady on his connubial bed? I thought that is what most ladies don’t like.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean a guy laying with a different lady on his conjugal, matrimonial, spousal, wedded bed?”

“I know we ladies can be very infuriating at times. Especially when we are enraged. But I have no level of respect for a guy who would not have any miniscule mercy for a woman’s feeble nature – the most beautiful of all God’s creatures. So weak to find strength in the power of her muscles than to rely on the articulations of her mouth. That’s the only end to which our physical strength lies. Our irritating loquacious nature is the only offensive weapon we have. Men were made to accept that and understand us. We only live to accept the things we cannot change.”

“So you wouldn’t mind if your guy went behind your back for another lady? Alex asked in a teasing manner.”

“Like seriously? You asked that again? I would mind. If I don’t mind then it means nothing of mine was put into the relationship. And your earlier scenario was that occurring after we had descended the altar. I don’t want to think about that. Maybe I might be able to forgive him. But that isn’t anything that I can get along with easily. My guy would not do that. No… not one bit. Not even a thought of it.”

“Woow!!! Those are some strong sentiments you got there. And some very strong optimism. I didn’t realize you were married. Who is this guy? Where is he? What’s his name? He might have proven himself so well to swallow up all the trust you could have for any creature on earth. And are you guys thinking of any kids any soon?”

“Don’t be smart. I never commented on my relationship status. I am not married. I thought you saw my fingers very well when you curiously took them? Something no guy does so easily.”

“You are showing some higher cortical activity. So what do you do in Xelit? Which department are you here in Lowtewn?”

“Actually I don’t work with Xelit. I am a radio personality. I’m a radio presenter. A newscaster actually and I do a bit of reporting too.”

“Then how did you end up here? You had so well blended into the family and unless someone who really knew you, others from afar would never realize.”

“Yeah… I’ve known the company for some time. I did some internships with them during my university days. As a part-time job, I do MC work for some occasions.”

“That’s great. I wouldn’t want to be any effusive. Can you get me your contact details? Here is my card. I would be leaving for Haigen God willing tomorrow. I think this conversation should not just end here. I love your bit of argument.”

“Thanks. I was just about to ask for an exit. You were weird initially, but I guess you would be an interesting guy. Here: Have it. Make sure you keep in touch. I would be a nice lady to be waiting. Be a gentleman and hook me up first. Thanks for cossetting me.”

“Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you. And you are beautifully attractive. My ideal physical type of lady. Alex said in a joking manner as his voice tinned down.”

“Is that supposed to be a complement? Rita asked as she left.”

Alex immediately pulled his phone out to key in the information on her card onto his phone even before he possibly lost it.

“That was how things ensued between us. As inquisitive as you have been. I’ve done my very best to make you know the majority of all that went on that night. And you should bear in mind that you owe me as well.”

“Really?? Do I owe you? I don’t remember when though. That’s a pretty chat you had. You know, Christians do follow ups on their converts. How is your own follow-up going on this one? I didn’t really take a good look at her while she went through her duties as the mistress of the ceremony. Except for the nice facial appearance which might have probably attracted quite a number of guys, including you, what else does she have? What else attracted you?”

“I’ve met quite a number of ladies. I must confess this one kept me right on my toes. Every single time in that conversation caught me struggling to keep eye contact. I had to keep myself well composed. She’s my ideal light skinned, slim thick, guitar shaped, mid-height, confident and intelligent lady. Alex said with all enthusiasm.”

“Woow…those words again? The last time I heard them, some were qualifying Zenobia. Similar description was given to Edna and this time it’s Theo – Rita. Or is the name Rita – Theo? Rex said in a teasing manner.”

“Stop being impish and check your phone. It seems someone is calling you. I think it’s your mother. I’ll be right back: Alex said as he hurried out of the house.”


~Mrs. Brew & Rex~

“Sorry Mum. I’m a bit late.  15 minutes late actually, he said while looking at his favorite old Casio watch his grandfather had given him after excelling in his final examination in high school. He was his Granny’s favorite son. The man just liked him and would always pour his blessings on him even for the least of efforts. He would always walk along with his little grandson down the road when he went for his routine house to house evangelism. No wonder he was the last person Mr. Bentsil wanted to see before he left earth’s surface.”

If I remember the last time we came, I had gotten admission into High school. Those were the days when we were kids and you and Dad were a lot more active. I guess you are doing well?

“Yes. Your mother is well. It’s just that seeing is becoming a problem for me a bit. Haven’t I told you that already?”

“You did tell me and I thought after you went to see the Doctor, and got your glasses, all had resolved. Is it that bad?”

It isn’t but sometimes I really have bad headaches. And it keeps salting out.  These are some of the issues with old age and growth into the last third of man’s life. We must accept them and live like that: when are you giving me a baby?

Me, give you a baby? How? Mum, don’t forget I’m a male.

I am well aware that you are. Ever since I gave birth to you, and started nurturing you till date. Ive never seen you with any lady of any sort before. Has the thought of a relationship crossed your mind before? Not to even ask of marriage.

“Mum! I will marry. That’s what I can say. Rex replied as he took a deep breath. Thinking to himself, he never imagined he would get to that level. He had heard of it but never saw himself experiencing it.”

“Ato! When? I’ve not said this before. I’ve never said anything concerning your relationship life. I knew you were capable of doing a good job at that. But after waiting for this long, I’ve realized its high time I intervened.”

“Eno Lizzy!!! I’m a bit surprised, what triggered this? Who put your feet on the pedal? Indeed this is your first time of asking and you are asking really hard. I need to put one or two things in place. And that aspect of my life is sacred. I don’t want to play with it one bit. I don’t want to have a record of disappointment from relationships.”

“How sacred is it? That’s all I have to say. I don’t want to be too loquacious. Take a cue and let me see some signs from you. You are a man, be active. Be the son I’ve always want you to be.”

“Thanks Mum, I would give it a thought. What is going on between you and Dad?”

“Nothing. Nothing is going on. Mrs. Elizabeth Brew retorted in a haste. I have to get home. Were done with my reason for calling you here. She said, showing her disinterest in the topic Rex was raising up.”

“You can’t leave just like that. Give me some time. Just as I made time to meet you here, accord me same and spare me just about ten minutes. Don’t run away from this I’m begging: he said in an attempt to kneel down before his mother.”

“Mrs. Brew held him and sat him down with a somewhat flustered face.”

“Mum!!! What is going on? I came to the house yesterday. Dad just said he doesn’t know where you were and that you’ve been making him go hungry of late – after an incidence between you two which he didn’t elaborate on. What actually is the issue?”

“The truth is that we had a quarrel. He almost raised a hand on me. Something he has never done for the past forty years that I have known him. I was so shocked that I couldn’t eat that night. No matter what I did or said wrong. I didn’t expect that.”

“Sorry Mum. But is it true that you haven’t been cooking in the house?”

“Mrs. Brew keeps to her silence. Only clears her throat.”

“If that is true then it means you’ve actually dejected all your duties as the woman of the house in our cultural terms. I learnt you’ve moved out of the house into the “boys-quarters”. How true is that too?”

“Mrs Brew doesn’t answer that too, she bends her head down only for Rex to hear groans with tears dripping d

own her cheeks.”

****************Story continues in episode five ******************************

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