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“Hey… you are awake now. I knocked at your door about 2 hours ago but there was no response. I guess you were not awake. Earlier on the hotel’s room attendant came around. She knocked several times but to no avail. After which I also tried to but yielded akin results”.

Yeah… I woke up not long ago. It’s been a long weekend. It’s been quite a while since I got stressed out like this. Did she tell you what specifically she came here for? Rex asked as he stood looking outside the window from the third floor.

“Well, I’m not really sure, and I didn’t really ask why. But I’m pretty sure she was here for her normal routines. She came with some bed – sheets though. She brought me breakfast just about an hour ago and asked if you had woken up but you still hadn’t.”

“Someway somehow I needed some good enough sleep. Tiredness has had its ding-a-ling on me”. It’s been long since I got stressed out like this. And the return from last night’s occasion wasn’t smooth for me either”.

“I know right… and that whole police “wahala” too…I wonder what that police-woman was doing with her colleague on the road at that time of the night. She must be one troublesome woman to her husband – that unlucky man must really be suffering. I don’t like such inquisitive women one bit. Alex complained showing his utter dislike.”

“Aleeeeeex!!! Rex exclaimed, gesturing to him. Don’t be so feminine. Rex said, wondering how his friend had concluded so shortly about the woman’s marital status lest to talk about her total personality just like that. How did you know she is married? He went on to ask, turning to look at him”.

“Rex, do you need to be told? Didn’t you see? Her whole behavior was all over her? I am very sure she is married. No woman would have such confidence to make two abled gentlemen that hot no matter what training she has been through if she doesn’t have any man at home on whom she has been rehearsing her antiques”.

Rex showed a grin on his face turning again to look at Alex who was deeply caught in what he was talking about.

“It was so obvious. Whilst the other guy was willing to let us box on without any further interrogation, she wouldn’t allow us any freedom at all. Had it not been the gloves she had on her fingers, I would have seen if she had a ring on.  I just didn’t like her one bit, right from within my spirit”.  *******

“Hello, who is there? You can enter pls. Rex responded after he heard a knock the second time on the door”.

“Good morning Sir, the lady paid courtesy after she had barely entered the room and carefully dragged the door to fit in its lock”.

“Rex nodded choosing not to talk back to the lady whilst Alex was busily involved with something on his black touch and type Blackberry Q 10 smart phone”.

“How are you doing and I hope you had a good sleep Sir? A1 Avenue hotel renders you room service and that is why I am here. Please I would want to change your bed sheets and make some slight cleaning in the room”.

“Well. Ok. You can…but I would want to be here while you do that. And how long is that likely to take?”

“About ten minutes Sir. I would be very snappy”.

“Hey…. Rex… we must hurry. Something just happened Alex shouted hastening from the lying position to sit in the couch as he continued to be even more grossly engaged with his phone”.

“Why what’s wrong? What happened? Rex shifted attention from the room attendant to Alex”.

“The flight has been brought forward. It’s now two hours earlier than we booked”.

“Whaaat? How is that possible? What happened? Rex asked drawing closer to Alex”

“Sir, please what will you take for lunch? The attendant asked softly but none of Alex and Rex gave her any attention”.

“I just saw a text message sent to me about some few minutes ago contenting that the flight had been rescheduled”.

“But that isn’t fair? Rex complained starting to pick some clothes from a locker which he folds and drops onto the bed”.

“Yeah…my mail confirms it. I’ve also received an e-mail notification to the same effect”.

“And what reason do they give for the change? I hope they have a tangible enough reason to give. The last time something like that happened to me I had to be delayed for about 4 hours”.

“Well this time it’s been brought forward. Departure is now at 1:30pm. Meaning checking in would be earlier. We have just about an hour and a half to get there”.

“Sir, I’m done with the cleaning. What will you take for lunch? She asks again but does not catch the attention of Rex whom she was referring to”.

“Mr. Rexford, please I asked a question”.

“Rex turns to look at her face and gives her a smile to let her know he had heard what she said. Erhhmmm!!! He whined, thinking of what to choose”.

“I have the menu with me so in case you don’t have anything in mind at the moment, you can make use of it”.

“Anything you think would be good for my vitality would do ok? I hope you have a good guess and taste for sumptuous meals I would prefer at times like this?”

“I would do my best Sir…She says, smiles back at Rex and starts to take leave of the room”.

“Sorry Sir, I reserved the breakfast which you didn’t take: should I add it and come along with it as well? She asked with a simper on her face, showing how comical the question she had asked was”.

“Rex turned slowly to look at her; from hair to sole and back to hair”.

She had a natural pony-tailed hairstyle on which was held up together by a white band. She was a bit sweaty with a white Chinese collar shirt which was only zipped two-thirds upwards. The furrow in between her breast were visible and she wore a stretchy skirt which was just about two centimeters above her knees. She had a black slipper on and was generally looking sharp for work.

“He shook his head and replied calmly, “No please”. And please hasten up. We have very limited time to leave”

“Rex, less I forget. Remind me that we have something to talk about. In fact, someone to talk about when we get back”.

“What’s it please? Rex asked Alex”.

“There you go again; you only say please when you want to bait me. For now just keep it in mind that we have something to talk about. Her name is Rita. Keep that to quench part of your hunger to know. That’s all you are getting for now; Alex said funnily and banged the door behind him, leaving for his room”.


“Sir, I came to check whether you’ve completed the work on the files from Pans Ltd. As well I brought the ones from Jackson Antwi.”

“Yeah.. I saw them on my desk yesterday when I was about to leave the office. I had to stay behind and work on them. And thanks for the good work so far.”

“Thanks Sir, she said and turned to live her boss’ office.”

“Abigail, please come back; Rex called her. Today is a Thursday. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the weekend. And there is a pile of work on our desks to complete. The deadline for clearance of the Nasseco Ltd deal as well as that of Gihlmarks and Grahams companies is on Monday. I’m pleading with you. I wouldn’t like to worry you tomorrow or over the weekend. Please maximize your speed and let’s get through them today so we can spend our weekends the way we’ve planned to. OK?”

“Alright Sir, you can trust me on that. I almost forgot, there’s a lady who came in with a project. I had wanted to take it on your behalf but she insisted on seeing the branch manager.”

“Didn’t she tell you what it’s about?”

“No she didn’t. All she said was that it was very imperative that she met you. Can I let her in?”

“Alright, let her in.”


“Good afternoon Sir,”

“Good afternoon lady.  This is the Publishing sub-company of Xelit group of companies. I learnt you insisted on meeting me. How may I be of help? But before then, wait a second.”

Rex opens a door that leads to an inner room, opens a mini-refrigerator there and picks a drink from it. Meanwhile Rosetta sat on a wadding chair just opposite the chair on which Rex was, impressed with the outline and detail of Rex’s office. It was a large space with a pure golden curtain spanning the whole room. The fan was also white but had golden patches and was moving slowly as though it was nearing a halt. She admired how the football pitch could be seen from behind the office as the window was opened.  Everything was well arranged on the desk.

Here!!! Take this and have a pour. Rex hands over a transparent glassy cup to Rosetta together with a bottle of wine. You might be tired. Feel free.”

“He then moves to the wall behind her to switch of the fan and then pulls out a remote control after he had closed the window behind him. The window was transparent from inside but not from outside. Suddenly a cool breeze of air engulfed the room.”

“Thanks. You must really be a very nice person. I have been to quite a number of offices but none has treated me this way. Is this a personal treat or it’s a routine with this company?”

“Well, Xelit is a company like no other. We never want to do anything the way any other person does it. And I personally love to keep to that standard. You should always feel love when you encounter us.”

“Thanks, that’s impressing Rosetta said with a smile as she took a sip of her non-alcoholic honey wine. Anyway. I am Rosetta Ann – Konadu, I need help in publishing my research work for my first masters study. Curiosity and the need to be served brought me here.”

“Ooh ok. Welcome. I am also Rexford. You are at the right place. All you have to do is to give us information on what you are working on and the progress you’ve made so far. The rest of the work is ours.  You would only have to wait for the day we hand over the finished work to you. Right at your doorstep.”

“I’m working on the “impact of currency appreciations and depreciations on the life of the individual on the street”.  I read Mathematics and Economics for my first degree but I majored in economics.”

“Ok.. That is good to know. All shall be well? Where have you gotten to so far?”

“I’m done with all the data collection. I’ve gone through the introduction, literature review and conclusions. I would need to do data analysis and finalize everything with the referencing and editing; that is the more reason why I am here.”

“It’s almost lunch time. You can choose to join me. I once in a while give a treat to a lucky customer. Just leave everything with my secretary and include your contact detail so that we can reach you in case of any need. Consider your project work has met outright acceptance.”

“Thank you. I have to catch-up with a bus so let’s make it some other time. That’s if God permits.”

“And in case you would need any help with your defense and all that, we are partners now; Rex said as he stood from his chair, picked up his keys to show that the discourse had come to an end”.

“Thanks so much Sir; I really do appreciate the warm welcome. And I must say, I like the setting of your office.”

“You are welcomed dear…please don’t forget to leave your contact details. You can pick ours too from the brochure my secretary would give you. I have to rush out. See you later then. Rex locked the door behind him as he left Rosetta with his secretary.”


“It sometimes amazes me how you are able to live that kind of lifestyle. I can only liken such a lifestyle to that of Russell Crowe in his movie, “A beautiful mind”. I can’t be any feminine but it’s kind of weird. I know I have complained a number of times but I’m just waiting for the day I would see a glimpse of change in you.”

“I don’t remember the last time you picked on me like this. Is this intentional or this outburst of sentiments was triggered by something that happened recently? Rex asked wondering what could have caused Alex to rail such emotions on him.”

“I passed by your office today; to pick you up for lunch. Only for Abigail to tell me that you have a visitor. Since when did you start keeping long on official discussions with people of the opposite sex personality? You really kept long with her inside there. I nearly jerked in but for the vigilance of Abigail.”

“Really? I won’t mind you. I didn’t pass by to be a victim to your aroused teases. That was the first time I set my eyes on her. Wait!!! What did Abigail tell you? Rex asked, waiting fervently for an answer.”

“Your secretary told me that you had a visitor and that you had been in there with “her” for about fifteen minutes. Alex said signaling to Rex how long the duration was. This isn’t usual. In addition I waited for twenty more minutes. That is a good thousand and two hundred minutes. I stand to dare you that no official one-on-one first time meeting would keep this long. How do you answer to that?”

“I’ve already said it. That’s the first time we’ve ever met. I look forward to us meeting again though. She is an economist pursuing a master’s degree with the Cambridge University in the UK. I guess it’s an internet based programme. She needed help in publishing her project and that was what brought her to us. By our high standards and my personal interest in such standards I gave her a warm welcome. Rex replied, moving from the coffee area to the fridge to have a scoop of the vanilla ice-cream from its box into a glass cup he was holding.”

“Yes!! I said it. I felt it actually. I felt there was something you took personal about that meeting. She might finally be the hidden key to that rusted lock. I can’t wait to see her. She must definitely be the one. Alex said in a teasing manner as Rex continued to move towards the door that leads out of the house”.

“I know you just want to worry me today. I will see you possibly tomorrow. I have to go and have some rest and work on some files I brought home”.

“I know you want to run away from this. But you can never do that Alex replied”.

“Don’t forget there is still some Rita issue in the bag yet to be discussed, Rex said as he kept walkimg.”

“Well, then I guess we have a trade. What’s her name? You tell me about her, and I tell you about Rita; Alex said following Rex as he talked. By the time he finished saying that, Rex was already siting in his Corolla Matrix with a wide smile on his face, but only signaling a “yeah” as a sign of acceptance to that.”

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“Mr. How may I help you please? I’m not sure we’ve met before so I don’t think we have any common grounds on which to have a discourse. You’ve not even introduced yourself and you want to engage me in a conversation……..”

“You are showing some higher cortical activity. So what do you do in Xelit? Which department are you here in Lowtewn?”

“I personally don’t like naughty guys… Too much of it pisses me off. …….”

“I mean a guy laying with a different lady on his conjugal, matrimonial, spousal, wedded bed….”

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