Trends Of Our Time So1Eo5 – Edges of Love

TRENDS OF OUR TIMELove is patient and kind. Love does not envy or boast.
Love is not arrogant or rude. It doesn’t not insist on its own way.
It is not irritable or resentful.
It does not rejoice in wrong doing, but rejoices with the truth
Love bears all things and believes all things.
Love hopes all things.
Love…Love endures all things.
And now these three things abide: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
Scriptures (1Corinthians 13)

*************previously, on trends of our time**************
“We have done well but we could even do better. Our individual acts, every single one of them, should be towards making us great.”
“Your mother has been behaving strangely of late. I had not really wanted to involve you in this but at the moment I think you are old enough. You are man enough to be told some of these things.”
“That? And not when he lays with another lady on his connubial bed? I thought that is what most ladies don’t like.”
“I mean a guy laying with a different lady on his conjugal, matrimonial, spousal, wedded bed?”
“Woow…those words again? The last time I heard them, some were qualifying Zenobia. Similar description was given to Edna and this time it’s Theo – Rita. Or is the name Rita – Theo? Rex said in a teasing manner.”
It isn’t but sometimes I really have bad headaches. And it keeps salting out. These are some of the issues with old age and growth into the last third of man’s life. We must accept them and live like that: when are you giving me a baby?
“Me, give you a baby? How? Mum, don’t forget I’m a male.”

**************episode 5 continues************

~Rosetta & Rex~
“Good evening!!! She responded after she heard a knock on her door and opened her door.”
“Wow!!! You are the last person I was expecting. You passed through that rainy storm? Please come in. You can’t be out there. The rains are like cats chasing mice.”
“Ooh. Don’t worry. I only came to deliver your finished work. I told my secretary yesterday to place a call so you came for it from the office but still saw the book on my desk this morning. I had a lot to do today and I forgot to call you earlier. So I just decided to pass by and give it to you.”
“Wow…That’s so nice of you. You could have waited till the next working day. Even Tuesday wouldn’t have been bad. And you actually passed through the rains to do that? You are wet.”
“Not really. I came with the car. I only walked for a short distance. Only to enter this compound. I parked outside the house. Rex explained whiles he wiped the rain off his blue elbow-length sleeved African wear that had a design made of “kente” around the chest. He also had an Asante-made footwear on. It was black, with three strips of leather on the dorsum of the foot and had a lock around the outer malleoli region.”
“So here it is. Please read through. I might be travelling next week so in case it needs any changes, let us know so we finish them up before I leave.”
“I will do just that. Rosetta replied with joy all over her face. And what would you be doing between 7:00 pm and 10:00pm tomorrow?”
“Errhmm…I don’t think I have anything substantial to do. Why do you ask … please?”
“Nothing much. I was wondering if I could thank you for the good you’ve done for me so far. Maybe with an outing for a dinner around that time. I mean we going out for a date sort of.”
“Really? That would be a spice to my evening. How many ladies do that these days? That’s a nice thought from you. I might only be watching football. And maybe reading. My team would have finished playing by then.”
“Do you love football that much?”
“Yes I do. I am a staunch Red Devil.”
“Red devil? You mean you support Asante Kotoko?”
“I support Manchester United. Rex said in a humorous way. But locally I support Accra Hearts of Oak. Just let me know when you are ready.  I would come to pick you along.”
“All right Dear. Have a relaxing weekend. And thanks once again. Rosetta said as she looked on for Rex to leave the compound of her residence.”
~Cami & Rex~
“Glory. Thank God you are here. I’ve been waiting here for about an hour. I really struggled before fishing out your residence. The taxi driver who brought me here was really patient. We went through hell and gutters before getting here. I arrived in Haigen two days ago, she said in a haste as Rex rolled into the compound to park his car.”
“I know you weren’t expecting me. I had not planned to come over. But I have a seminar here and I decided to use the opportunity to visit she explained to Rexford.”
“Rexford Ato Brew my dear. Cheer up! Or won’t you enter your own residence any longer? She asked whiles Rex stood by his car with signs of amazement all about him.”
“You are the last person I never expected to see any moment soon. Let’s go inside. Where have you been lodging? Rex asked as he gave her a short hug and passed by her to open the door to the living room.”
“I didn’t want to put any stress on you so I opted to stay in a hotel in town. It’s a nice place actually. It’s called Golden Pea Hotel. I’m sure you know where that is. But I will be spending the night with you today. Maybe I will leave tomorrow afternoon or the next day.”
“Cami, but didn’t you say you came here for a seminar? Are you done with it yet? Because I’m wondering, you can’t just come to town without signaling me and just bump into me like that? That isn’t how things work?”
“Baby, I’m sorry for not telling you. I just intended a surprise. Don’t let me feel sad by this response. Don’t get mad at me. Thanks for your acceptance and love.”
“I am amazed at the way you are posing yourself. You can’t be playing with how I feel and pretend as though everything is absolutely lax between us. It’s been some months now since we met and I was expecting that even though we don’t get much time to spend together physically, you would have known how I am and how I want things to be done. Rex argued.”
“My dear! What is it that you are talking about? I thought you had forgiven me for any inconveniences I have caused by not telling you before coming? If you don’t want me here, I can possibly get myself shelter somewhere. And for the emotional care I will be alright with time.”
“Cami! Cami!! Please don’t be clever with me. My home is your home and you are always welcomed – under any circumstance. Just that you have to tell me prior to your visit. That isn’t what I’m referring to. We have been in this relationship for 6 months now. And I am not well satisfied with the commitment you are showing to it. You know very well that there is something wrong but here you are presenting with a rather negating affect to the reality on the ground. I call, you don’t pick up for several times and finally when you do, it’s just for you to tell me you are busy so I should call at a specific time. Sometimes I have to stay awake deep into the night, waiting for that particular time you ordered just to place a call. You even end up not picking or replying my messages too. I like being candid and in this case, I am not one bit happy about how you are handling issues in this relationship.”
“Baby! Cami calls out to Rex, reaching for his hands as she puts her head softly on Rex’s chest. Baby! You know how well I love you. Every single part of my being always longs to be with you. But circumstances around me do not allow me to have much time for you. I really wish you could see through the frame of my heart, the burning flames of desire that carve out the beautiful picture of love I wish for us. No matter what is going on, all I know is that I Love you, so much than I love any other creature on the surface of this earth. She explained, passing her fingers around his face and looking up into his face, with a look of compunction on her face. I just love you and that is all I know.”
“Rex, with a calmed voice: then please implicate your love into works. Love is characterized by action. You know we have distance to deal with and the best means is by effective communication. Pick my calls, reply my messages on time and make me feel safe. I just want to feel safe.”
“I hear my love. I will do my best to do just that. Please will you show me the wash room? I am feeling quite hot.”
~Alex and Pomaa~
“Is it just a glass of water which isn’t maximally chilled that you are going to serve me with? Alex, don’t do that. I was thinking you would have missed me to the soul by now. And from there continued to treat me like a goddess. It’s been a year since you set eyes on me. Have you forgotten? She said all those words in a rush as she smiled in between and made for the coffee area in Alex’s living room.”
“Alex pretended as though he didn’t hear all that she said.”
“Alex…have you so soon forgotten all that I taught you with regards to courtesy for women? She asked in a teasing way. Returning to her initial sitting position as Alex stood to perambulate gently in the room.”
“Yes. You taught me well and I learnt very well. Exactly what I learnt is what I have done. You see, when the visitor is new to the environment then maybe I would have to serve her like “The Queen”. But when she’s so familiar to my house and me, like you are, in this case, I think what I did is enough. Offer a seat and a chilled glass of water. Nothing more… She can do the rest. They are just extras. I hope that is exactly what you taught me? He asked her in an even more teasing manner and they threw into laughter.”
“Alex, I miss those moments we shared so much. Every single one of them. Work and responsibility has separated the friendship we shared.”
“I also do miss those moments. How wonderful those long chats, those unnecessary arguments, the times in the kitchen and the visits to the market, they were what made us the friends people thought we never were. I enjoyed the friendship until the later part of it.”
“Yeah. Working on our projects and later being posted to different districts did the separation. But in all, Alex you’ve been a very good and faithful friend. And I really do appreciate your friendship. She said again walking over to the coffee area to pick up a bottle of wine.”
“How is Jed? It’s been long since I heard about him. Don’t you think you will need another bottle of that? He asked as he observed Pomaa draw the last bit of wine into her glass as she forced to bring the last drop out of it.”
“What brand is that? I think I would need more. I’ve fallen in love with it. Help me with more if you do have more.”
“That’s the last bottle – he said as he handed over a bottle of wine to her. It was a transparent bottle with a pinkish fluid content and a golden cork. Rex brought them over. There was about ten of them. It’s a non – alcoholic mead.”
“Really, I thought all meads are alcoholic. Where did he get them from?”
‘I haven’t asked. But they are really good. I take them occasionally after work. Please, before I forget, I asked about Jed. How are things running between you two? Is it finally translating into something worth celebrating?’
‘Jedidiah is doing well. We are having some really good time. Initially it was tough to get things running. It’s been five years now since we started dating. I’m now totally convinced that he’s the Mr. Right.”
“That’s nice. Does he also feel the same way as you do too? Because sometimes such a thought might be one sided. Alex explained.”
“Yeah. I don’t want to pre-empt. But if we aren’t mounting the altar together then no other person would with either of us. I really do love him and he’s given me every good and tidy reason to do so. Jed is just the right guy.”
“Finally!!! Alex shouted as he jumped and stroked into the air as though he had scored the world cup winner to surprise of Pomaa. Pomaa, I am highly elated by this. I know you had your own doubts about how real guys can be. I don’t usually pray but I thank God for you. You have been the truest friend and I must tell you this: I really do appreciate your friendship.”

*********************the next day*******************
~Alex & Rex ~
“You only talk about specifications and criteria when you’ve not met the right person. That one person who makes your heart tick. I used to think I had my ideal type of lady. But I have realized that where your heart chooses to lodge would certainly be an epitome to all your definitions. There is nothing like a criteria for choosing who to be with.”
“This lady might have done a great deal of work to catch your heart like that. You seem more passionate about this than you’ve ever been? Should I say you are in Love? Or is it one of those things? Rex asked teasingly.”
“I think I am ready to marry. I think I have found the right lady. I am pretty sure about that: Alex responded with all seriousness in his face as he looked straightly at the rain that drizzled on his black 2010 brand of Mercedes Benz C230. Rex pretends as though he had not heard what his friend said.”
“She is just that person I have been searching for. It is indeed true that those who never quit never ever win. I surely want to take Theodosia to the altar. Alex said again, this time with more impact.”
“Alex. I know this is a joke. What? You of all people? Think about marriage at this time? Go to some maternity hospital, find one of those DOC’s (day-old-children) and tell them that. I am too old for this? For this long that I have known you, nothing about you resembles a marriage material. Even with alphabetical arrangement, marriage would be the last word on your vocabulary. Just drop this joke and pick up something serious.”
“Rex, Alex called. I’m not growing any younger. My past remains my past. When I was a child, I did my things like a child. Now that I am an adult, I think my teeth are good enough to chew bones. I’m ready to act like an adult.”
“Wow!!! See who is quoting scriptures here. You sound serious. I can’t believe this though. But it hasn’t even been 6 months since you guys started dating? Do you remember that Steve Harvey book? If it should take 90 days before the cookie, then it should surely take enough time to decide on who should be the Mrs. Right. How sure are you she is different from Edna and the likes?”
“Hmmmm!!! Alex sighs. I’ve told you to neglect Edna from our conversations. If I have to tell you umpteen times, I would do, even with my last breath. Alex complained bitterly to Rex.”
“Well. I am sorry. But I want to be sure you aren’t getting yourself into any pit. The last time you were so serious about a lady, it was Edna. And that nearly caused so much damage. In fact, it changed so much who you are. You hardly talk with so much passion about a lady in your life like you are doing now. Rex retorted in a somewhat irritated manner.”
“I have nothing much to use as a reason. But I love her. Not as I loved that traitor. But I just want to settle, be more responsible and focus on life. And if this is to happen, it should be with Theo: Alex said as he turned the knob to the door that led to his living room.”
~Rosetta and Rex~
“I can’t thank you enough for how good you have been to me since I met you. Indeed there are some really genuinely good people still on planet earth: so selfless and magnanimous.”
“Wait. Those can’t be your last words. I must send you back to exactly where I took you from. Let’s wait on the rains to calm down a bit. Then I will walk you right to your door. I must say, you’ve really made my evening. It’s been very long since I had such a refreshing weekend. He said as Rosetta tried to get out of the car and run through the rains to her house.”
“You’ve given me enough time. Though I had planned to make it up to you, it turned out the other way round. I still owe you some appreciation: Rosetta said with a smile on her face.”
“Don’t make it seem so one sided. You coming my way has actually been a blessing in real time. You owe me nothing. Friendship is supposed to be fun. I mean real fun. You are indeed a full package of that: he said as he moved the car to park right in front of Rosetta’s house.”
“Thank you so much dear: she said with so much emotion. i also truly cherish every bit of your friendship and I wish this goes more than friendship: she said as she looked out of the car window as it rolled down. You are the type of guy who deserves more than friendship from me. Goodnight and thanks for making my weekend: those were her last words as she run off, into her house, not waiting for any response from Rex.”

********************* story continues in episode 6************************

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