Through the Year

through the year

Are you a puzzle without an answer?
Shall I deem you a journey on an unknown road?
Ahead lies mirages of fear,
Stretches of undulating ground,
Through shades in a wild sun’s stare

In flowing streams a fallen seed seeks ground
Meet for an outburst of her tamed life.
Tough as this travel screams
Waters she shall imbibe till the final day
When moist grounds bid her welcome.

You are a reality before whom she must live
Like a device without a manual.
Yet for a good purpose she must use
Your days waiting with blank sheets
Are neither empty nor weak.

Unlike the many years she has embraced,
Like the bride on a wedding day
You wear a bespoke promise.
Of days never to be dark
Only sun bright nights shall you render

On humble knees she pleads
Spare her tender soul一
As she sits on the morning of a new year一
The misery of yester-year.
Be to her as nectar to a bee.


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