The world as a triangle, Life as a triangle, the triangular world.

In the eyes of the beholder lies the virtue of beauty. So in our own eyes lies the perspective of the world.
To some a globe, to some a sphere, to others its round, to others it’s confused, some say its complex, others say it’s not easy to battle through. ooh yes… others say as well it’s just a huge amalgamation of sub-atomic particles in diverse interactions on which perambulate breathing and breathless entities. Your view might be thoughtful to share. In all these views of the world, of life, of living, as a sphere, a box, a triangle, a square, whatever, we all walk along one path, one circumference. Life as a triangle, the triangular world.
As a triangle, life has three anonymous points, joined by three lines, which form three vertices – the complications of life. At any point in time, irrespective of its shape, it has to relax, and have a base. Only one base and only one apex. So the part that settles for the floor, determines the apex. Its base is never objective and its apex always dependent.
As a triangle, life has a wider base that thins into an apex. The base accommodates more. It always has enough space to occupy more. As a triangle, the apex is the highest you can reach.
As a triangle, the world is made up of several other triangles. You are a triangle in that big triangle. These small triangles sum up into the bigger triangle. But the most important triangle is the one whose apex equals that of the bigger triangle. It layers above all the other triangles.
So in the triangular world, there are many sophistications. But in the end, there are many at the base and few at the top. The base is full of comfort, of minimal accomplishment, of numbers, and of mediocrity. The base is where the ordinary settle for. It showcases a false argument of the real and presents it in a wrapped parcel. It makes you think less but to just accept everything the way they are. It obliterates the quest for change in you.
As the triangle, its apex is small, and would always remain small. Only a few can it accommodate. It comes with responsibility, fame, sacrifice, pain, hard work. It is rewarding only to those who love it. It’s closer to the sun from the earth. It receives the blessings of the early dew. It comes with the quest to conquer the self and opt for the better.
So the triangular world it is. We all walk along one circumference of life. It’s not a race but it’s a measure. It’s not a test but always a transition. It’s not an exam but always requires a choice- to live it or to leave it. Many at the bottom, few at the top. You should always urge to be at the top. It might never turn, or if it turns, it might not go your direction. But you don’t know when it can go your way. You can remain a baseliner but all you have to know is, no matter what the turnout would be, you just have to move up the ladder, maybe the elevator to the top. Don’t settle for mediocrity. It doesn’t matter where you started from. The apex is always the target. YOU CAN MAKE IT BIGGER AND BETTER. YOU CAN BE THE APEX TRIANGLE.
Many at the bottom, few at the top

benyin-mensah obed (B.M.O)Drops

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