THE QUEST FOR RELIEF-we all walk along the same isle

Great sentiments do men hold
Great ambitions have men haboured
Great are the dreams many have conceived
Even greater are the wishes that people are flanged on
Moving from one point of the earth’s circumference to the other
Contriving all sorts of innovative ideas
Casting crowns of exhorting demands

Day in and day out, from many walks of life
Different backgrounds and reservations
Different perspectives to life
Different ways of describing the same coin
That with some at the apex of the pyramid
And others elsewhere along the baseline

To some there is no measure on the number of edible stuff consumed per day
To others, even that to neutralize is difficult to come across
To some there is no word as want
To others, even the needed is far from reach

But no matter what race you might belong to
No matter what level of understanding you might have gotten
No matter how discouraging life has presented itself to you
Along that isle are elements none of humanity can do without
We all quest for it, we all quest for happiness.
We all do quest for relief.

obed mensah-benyin(OMB)

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