How well can one describe her?

How well can men understand her ways?

In their closets they think about her

In their meetings, she can’t but crop up as a focus of discussion

As she passes by, they can’t afford but to adore her elegance


With every aligned step she takes,

She stirs up the desire in her admirers

She keeps them thinking

She keeps them searching

For the reason behind her personality


Whenever she passes by

She arises the emotions in her kinds

They wonder how they could be like her

She doesn’t know how distinct she is

And they don’t tell her either


When she smiles

She nullifies the tears of her receiver

She is the epitome of inspiration

With her caring embraces

Your depressions can’t stand but vanish


When she talks,

Gallant men take a cue

They can’t afford to miss wisdom

Her speech is seasoned with preservations

They add a spice to the soured


Her anger, is a corrective tool

Her shrieks, ignites the potential in her wards

When she sits you down for advice

You can’t contain the volumes of running tears on your cheeks

She can sensitize your emotions


From afar, her beauty from within

Her style from without

A conduit for happiness

The run way of sacred love

The elements of a perfect lady


She is really a perfect lady

Molded and waxed for greatness

She is just lovely







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