The challenge of being…

the challengeWould it not be better if man was something else? Wouldn’t it be better if man was not alive? Would it not have been better if man had something else to live for than to be a human? Wouldn’t we have been peaceful living as the pigeons or maybe the antelopes of the forest? What if you in particular were not introduced to this place called earth? Wouldn’t it have been a better wit? The many questions that pass through my cultured cerebrum as I peruse the many crevices of what we’ve called “life”.

I examine the many facets of this “life” and all I can say is our world, our life, is complicated. Let me just make the call on this single part for now – the potion of uncertainty; the position of being without conviction. There is so much that goes beyond our control. Not that we do not wish to do anything, but that we aren’t even sure of what we know we really can. The only thing we can ever be sure of is what has already happened. It’s a bit mind-trickling that what we need to survive however doesn’t depend much on this.

How an unsure place we are that one sets out from their house with the hope making unto a travel which will render an attainment unto life’s sustenance only to be met by an untimely vehicular accident? Having traversed through many hospital wards, it is so unfortunate how many people end up with debilitating diseases which are no fault of theirs. Why should a baby, an innocent creature, blunt in every jiff impurity, be born with a congenital abnormality that renders their life barely useful forever? Why should a pregnant woman leave home at term, having attained unto the full length of pregnancy, with the hopes of returning with the product of her toil, only to bleed unstoppably till the grave swallows her up?_DSC0230

Exactly why should a teenager, full of life and aspirations, accept that they have to suffer through a cancer truncated life – in painful discomfort, thinning through endless palliative care? Why should a fellow human point a gun at another to carry away their hard earned property? Why should fire breakout to wish away everything a person has toiled a lifetime for? Why should both parents of a young girl die in at a go? What should she do as an orphan?

To the lesser extent of uncertainty’s con, why should someone be born in a village with no access to the basic tenet of education whiles another is born at an akin time to a wonderful family elsewhere with untold life advancement? We may sometimes merge together to pour our compassion when we are favored to be observers as others endure such dreadful wits. Then we say “LIFE IS NOT FAIR”. Maybe life is actually uncertain. But what can we do about this uncertainty? Would we have been better off as something else?

Well, though difficult, we put away the indispensable fact that we cannot be certain, to take a gamble. To believe that we can outwit any uncertainty. With the many manifestations of uncertainty, doing this is quite funny.

Let’s wrap it this way. You are introduced into a world as a blank sheet, not knowing who or what you are, where you are or what you are where for. Others start to shape, to write a script for you. Deciding for you, the first few words you will carry, of what colour and caliber your inscriptions may be made off amongst lots. Then in no time you are faced with the daring challenge of choosing for yourself. Choose a faith. Choose a career. Choose a habitat. Choose a partner. Choose a spouse. Choose a lifestyle. Choose…choose…

Of what assurance and on what basis would you choose? When it comes to faith, there are so many religions to mend into. Even in there a many denominations. Which one do you choose? Choosing a career needs not be mentioned. After several struggles, you finally settle on the one person you call your soulmate. Play your gamble on and hope nothing goes wrong. How wonderful it is that in our thinking, only beautiful thoughts array themselves before us. That we see a wonderful marriage life with a wonderful family…With regards to marriage, the struggle isn’t the event of the union but the days in the aftermath. How will the children blend into the love? How would finances be stable? How would the children be trained? Who will do this training? Do you need a house help? Of what age and gender? Would there be the need for one to let go their profession to care and provide for the children?

I won’t take it any further… our life is a great challenge with uncertainty at its pinnacle. To abolish this uncertainty, we need an anchor. The anchor of Christ. The chief cornerstone. The deliverer. The mighty one in battle. The prince of peace. Everlasting God. The provider. The healer. The sovereign God. The only wise one. The comforter. The immediate help in times of need.

He has the antidote that fits all situations. The certainty in all uncertainties. The possibility in all impossibles.

OMB (March 2017)

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