You might have heard of the era of slavery. The times where men of superiority by virtue of body texture took others of ignorant inconsistency with ideas for granted. The descriptive facet of your mind and the literary portrayals you might have encountered so far would have presented to you a picture outfit of the struggles of men who suffered such disadvantages. Men had prices not in regards to morality but with regards to monetary complications. My money is worth your breathe. Your price is at the mercies of your capturer. How well he bargains determines how well you would be bought. But even being expensive in that regard wouldn’t ideally be of good merit: because you were bought expensive, you must work hard to repay your master. To a faraway land would you be taken and separated from you familiars for eternity. The life of freedom should now be lived day after day in scorn, sorrow and discontent.

That was the era of slavery. What of today? What of moments like ours? Are we free? Is captivity our portion? Many people react to this in several ways. To some yeah…for a country like Ghana, we have political freedom, hence we choose for ourselves leaders and make other decisions on our own. However, the same school thinks we still dwell under economical slavery since the trajectory of our economy is highly dependent on the mercies of other nations. The power station economies of the world. Majority of projects the government undertakes with loans and grants she receives from donor countries are inked down in the statement of agreement pertaining to the loan. They actually direct us as to what the loan we are taking should go into. 

This is as well based on political considerations. But on an individual basis. Where we see not any direct impact of the government on our lives, how do we react to freedom? Are we really free? Do we really experience divine freedom from its source? Do we live every single day of our lives pleased with what we have done so far and what we are yet to achieve? Even in our latency, do we get to feel we are doing enough? To ask again, are we TRULY free?

In comparison to those days far-fetched, we would ideally be free. One would say on the individual basis, we are very free. But digging into the yolk of the egg, majority of the people we come across daily are living the life I call the CAPTIVE’S LIFE. Majority of humanity from without seem so glaring with prospect. From outside all seems so fine and nice. With the smile we pay some emotion to afford on our cheeks and the positive reactions we warrant to the issues we encounter, everyone sees all is well with us. No one would ever associate us with any form of inconsistency. At any point in time, we could be the ideal to someone who takes us into thought. People wonder, see us, and ask, “How are you able to keep active and happy all year round like that?” And should it happen in their conversations that they should mention someone who has a problem, your name would hardly come to mind. This is how nice the captive’s life is.

From the outside, all is so well. Like the spoiled water melon, hard from the outside, very soft within. So good are we at hiding the soft aspect of us that holds us captive. When our strength of companionship leaves, our predator re-visits us. We don’t like him around but we can’t sack him too. So we welcome him into his comfort at our own despair. He brings us sorrow. He brings us pain. He makes us cry. He makes us groan. He has diverse presentations. Until we are really saved from his bondage, by a greater power and all our ram shackles tidied, he hurts us so much.  He commandeers us to act against our will. We do things that makes us temporarily happy, but in the end our spirit is saddened. We know what we do is medically, morally, socially non Grata. But we do them anyway. That is the sweet captivity we find ourselves in.

Across the miles of the earth. From person to person, many issues hold us captive. From anger, low self-esteem, apprehension, masturbation, fornication, adultery, drug abuse, relationships, academics, health problems, peer pressure, indecision, poverty, music, theft, other sexual pleasures, etc. many people suffer these things. Many cry every day. Our pillows get soiled over them. A lot are still living the shadows of their past. Many cry because we aren’t having enough time for our own welfare. To the outside that couple are the best that you can ever have but from within its all pain and sorrow. Some of us even believe we are the worst people on earth. That by what we do, our lives are ruined, and we can’t be any better. Our past is holding us captive. And at our master’s back we have to smile to the outside. We really need help. From where ever possible. Our own regimes weren’t effective enough. They we just temporal. Our strength cannot fight it. Sometimes we see it’s nice. But we don’t actually want it.

We need a savior. We need to be rescued. This sweet captive’s life should not die with us. We definitely have to leave it behind. And open wide our arms to perfect freedom. Freedom from all infinitesimal oppressions. Our savior, came to our aid now. Breathe refreshment into our lives. We can’t leave without you. WE HATE THIS CAPTIVE’S LIFE.

Obed Mensah-Benyin…(O.M.B)

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