That Special Half

Half a loaf, always better than none
Two lips make a mouth
And truly, it takes two to tango
It takes two to make one
And two to make a smile

That’s the world we live in
And the beauty of it
That no matter how, where, when and who we are
Irrespective of our choices, even our thoughts
We are not alone

There is the other side of us somewhere

We were never made multiples
There’s that such thought that completes our idea
The only key that fits our lock
And the only key our “chi” accepts

Our maker made a special part of us
A part which resides not in our own bodies
And isn’t a spare to any part of us
But in the being of a fellow: immortal like us
However forbearing every single bit of us.

That part that would enter the ditch and climb the mountain
The part that would jump over valleys and travel the dungeon
And would smile to lions and pythons.
The part of us that would drink away ocean pacific,
To make land available to our feet.

That special half that would always love you

No matter how hard you hurt
And can never lax than to forgive

That is the special half God created for you.
The half that would always sing: I’ll stand by you.

The musings of a young land who wonders and wanders in his thoughts the possibility of a life in yings yangwhich everyone finds that special item of life: a somebody, an own self, a hobby, a chore, a smile – which reveals fully the meaning of love to each and every one.

Can your awesome mind imagine what a world we would have if everyone felt love, in the best of its meaning, every tiny bit of a second of their lives, and never having to bother about the possibility of “love” failing?


42 thoughts on “That Special Half”

  1. Truth be told, everyone deserves to be loved in a very special way. The world would be a very beautiful place if so. Everyone really deserves a perfect half

  2. Sylvia Amponsah

    Nice one there,but the truth be told life itself would be boring and imperfect without “LOVE” cuz that word itself is powerful and without it,we’ll are will be incomplete…everyone deserves that ”
    Special Half”

  3. Another beautiful piece and easy to read and enjoy.
    I always uses to think our other half was a person but now I believe that other half can be so many things that bring out love in us and not one single individual.

  4. Brilliant post! May we find our other half, be it that special person or the thing that gives us personal satisfaction.

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