PEARL’S LOVE…a genuine source

Stand by me Pearl
And pour on me the elements of your beauty
Draw closer to me, and put on my neck your garment of treasures
Jewel, how wonderful is your face
And how pleasing is your skin to my senses
Your love like a candy on my lips

Stand by me Pearl
And run your fingers around my shoulders
Grant to me, your countenance of splendor
Look at me in the eye
And tickle away all the wrinkles of sorrow in mine
Relay to my heart, the substance of your love

Stand by me Pearl
And breathe into me, the foundations of your love
Draw closer, closer than you’ve ever been
Teach me, that I may breathe like you
Crown me with the understanding of your love
Perfect me in all dimensions of your care.

Stand by me Pearl
And tender my emotions
Carve them into celestial oils
And anoint my heart with your lovely kindness
Love that accommodates even betrayals
Stand by me and make me just as you are.

Obed Mensah-Benyin (O.M.B)

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