Pearls In Lines

Elegant in elegance
Pure in purity
Classy without equals
Pearline, Pearls in lines: Precious

A treasure like none
Jewels of the heavens
Blood to the body
Precious Pearls

Petals of roses
Streams of refreshment
Abodes of serenity.
Pearline: a home to have

Gifted to the core
Fingers that talk
Smiles that speak
Precious, a blessing to generations

Spirit given to it’s maker
A heart that perseveres
A body perfect as snow
Precious; a soul that sows

Many are good, but one is best
A lot are beautiful, but one is resplendent
Several speak, but only one comforts
So many are intelligent, but one is wise

A lady of the Lord
A vessel of honour
A maid of his word
A virtuous damsel

Precious as my name, Pearline.
Find me, find joy unending
Find me, a package of awe
Pearline…A soul of Pearls


A special one to Pearline Dwase Donalds. On this day of your birth…. Wishing you nothing but the Peace of God. Lots of Love

🎈 Happy Birthday!
     πŸ”₯      πŸ”₯      πŸ”₯
     πŸ“      πŸ“      πŸ“
     πŸ“      πŸ“      πŸ“

Obed Cares.

Obed Mensah-Benyin

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