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So far, I am pretty sure you have been well informed on deciding the exact brand/make, class and model of car to buy. Are you going in for a Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz, Kia, Lexus, Lamborghini, Acura? Will it be a Camry, C-Class, Optima, Accord, Tucson, CR-V, Rogue, Juke, Pathfinder, Highlander? Maybe you would prefer a 2013 model to a 2019 model of a particular brand for reasons only known to you.

So, let’s say you decided on buying a Ford Escape 2015 S model which should not be confused with a Ford Escape 2015 SE 4WD model. Find an all-inclusive review of these cars by Christopher Car Reviews and MikesCarinfo respectively on YouTube by following these links: 2015 Ford Escape review – YouTube and 2015 Ford Escape SE 4WD – YouTube. But before you do so, just know the former is a front wheel SUV with 2.5l engine and the latter is an all-wheel, 6-speed automatic transmission vehicle with 1.6l ecoboost engine.

Having decided on this vehicle comes purchasing it. By now you should have a fair idea how much is needed to buy this car. That may be dependent on how it is purchased. However, the best is to know how much such a car sells on the Ghanaian car market. One of the best means of doing so is to find out the price on the online local car spaces like jiji.com.gh and tonaton.com. Please just visit these sites, search for your preferred car and their corresponding prices without necessarily calling the dealers for any enquiry. As well, you could join one of the numerous whatsapp car sale platforms which can come in very handy.

Your car could be purchased via one of two means. From within the country or bought outside the country and shipped into the country from abroad with the help of an agency or an agent who has the purchasing ability. You could do that yourself as well though it might be a bit cumbersome. Can we limit this release to detail the process and minor technicalities of buying a car from abroad and shipping it to Ghana?

It is good to note that majority of the cars on our roads were brought into the country by car dealers as salvage cars, fixed and made road worthy. Buying cars brand new isn’t an easy feet in this part of the globe.

Salvage cars are cars previously used abroad which may fall under the following brackets: Accident, Flood, Electrical damage, Theft.

Accident cars might have been involved in a collision of some type. The impact may be severe, mild or moderate when graded on intensity. The impact maybe also be to the front, side, or the rear end. The intensity of impact and side or end of impact affect the price of the car. Salvage cars with rear end and minimal intensity impacts cost lesser. When you decide to buy a salvage car from abroad, know that it will go through the following processes:

1. Buying: Car has to be won either via auction or buy now option (specific seller attached price which can be paid without car going for auction sale).

2. Towing from sale garage to shipping port. Usually at a standard price determined by the kilometric distance between sale garage and shipping port. It is always advisable to aution for or buy cars relatively closer to the state of shipping.  

3. Shipping to Ghana, Tema Port. Standard shipping duration from United States to Ghana is 8-10weeks. This may however be extended depending on the route the particular ship takes, sometimes they make transits in Europe before continuing which increases the travel distance. There are different shipping companies who can help with this and at standard prices.

4. Clearing  and Import duty paying: After the long wait has been, when the car arrives in Ghana at the Tema Harbour, it needs to be cleared to enter the country proper. This is basically payment of container fee and import duty. Import duty makes the majority of the amount to be paid. It is calculated based on the market value of the vehicle brought in, ranging around 15-20% of the market value. You could make use of the Ghana Trade Hub app from the app store to have estimates of the expected amount to be paid for as import duty.

5. Fixing of the damage: The final bit will be to fix the part of damage. This will have no sure amount as it depends on extent of damage and where replacement parts are gotten from.

1. You get to know the state of the car and be happy with it before it is shipped in and fixed. Unlike already fixed ones in the country where you cannot be sure the extent of the damage.

2. You are spared the cost of paying for the profit that dealers add up to their fixed cars.

3. Affords the luxury of raising the amount needed for buying till shipping of the car to using the lapse between then and its arrival to raise that required for clearing at the port.

1. Likelihood of delays and extended delays in the shipping time. Your vehicle may to be ready at your expected time.
2. Some damages may cost more to fix than anticipated.

Having said all the above, it is worthy to note that car dealers ship in cars from different countries but in the end they go through the above processes. Such countries include, United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Canada etc. You could visit any of the websites below to have a glance through the prices of the various salvage cars: www.copart.com, www.iaai.com, www.autoauctionmall.com
Feel free to whatsapp me on +233545183001 for more enquiries or drop a message in benyinobed@gmail.com

A sample cost involved in shipping a sample of our chosen (find this sample vehicle here) vehicle will look like:
Buy now price: $4075         Online charge: $150        Sale Tax: $1000
Cost of Towing: $800           Shipping Fee: $2000        Container fee: $200
Import Duty: $3000
Total: $11225.00


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