Our World; a broken piece

​It’s a Tuesday evening. Usual temperature setting in Kumasi around times like 21:39 GMT. I just closed from church, bible study service. It’s been a very long time since I wrote something lengthy. I guess I will give it a try. Blow myself out of that thinking that a writer’s block is necessary at this time. So let’s do this; you do the reading whiles I roll some words through my fingers unto this platform. 

 Our world, and I mean earth, by Gods creation, was a near heaven creation, devoid of pallidity but filled with the glitter of colourful pieces of creatures, synergizing their individual aesthetic aptitude into an enviable piece: into a planet like none other.

So travelling the universe as flying men have done, none of the nine planets, magnificent as they may be, have the quality of sustaining life, as our world is: our world can even sustain the life of the devil himself when he was rightfully thrown into exile.

If Eden, was found on earth, and men could live in total harmony with the wild, unreasoning beasts, then indeed our world was made to be a beautiful one.

As I sit at the summit of my thoughts, with the skies above, habouring the numerous colourfully differentiated feathers that spring into wings and wrap the bodies of the umpteen birds of the sky, I understand more what nature is about. Under my feet runs over the nuggets; an accumulation of drops from where little is known of and to an end or enormity of its like. The waters flow over the pebbles, but disturbs not their rhythm, wiping away every inconsistency from their surface and giving them a reason to shine again. 

Walking along nature’s coast, Gods plan to wipe away the blemish of our world is made clearer. The tides upon the shore is its cleanser thereof. How wonderful a world it is that nothing was made that should go waste. Nature just transforms energy from one state into the other, breathing away life from one creature to enrich that of another. In a world where a withered leaf is a nutrient unto its own root from which it has fallen. An awesome God, creating an awesome world for us that stands in testimony of his sovereignty. 

But here our world lingers now, hanging on the tenterhooks of wickedness for which the natural systems of restoration cannot bear the burden of our own negativities. Our world now is a broken piece, with no one ready to mend it again. Who will help nature to fix our world? We were not meant to be the disease that would take away our own lives. We were not meant to be the old age that would catch up with the young and carry them to the tomb. 

We were not made to survive at the deleterious expense of other. We all belong to the same species of creature. With whatever we were given, was to make our world better and a greater place to live in. Our individual gifts were given to cushion us unto perpetual joy and not to cataract our conscience and sight of what is good. Why should we kill for power?  Why should we render people homeless for our own gain?  Why should many die because we don’t belong to the same faith? 

Our world was made out of sacrifice. Though inevitable that we would always have two extremes to life, something can be done about the existing gap between these two extremes. The bit that we need is sacrifice. A little sacrifice of the greed, fame, power, wickedness, malice is what we need to draw the two ends closer. We now live in a world where oodles perish because singles flourish.  Many expire because we seek dominance. Men indeed were made to dominate and to rule, but not over fellow men. Men were made to rule the earth and other creatures there in. if we have the chance to dominate fellow men, it is rather to lead  and not to conquer or destroy ourselves.

Our world is a world of malice that was not meant to be. 

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