It’s been a number of days, weeks, running into months and now we call them years. Yes! Pretty soon ago, I could enjoy the privilege of being called: a boy, a kid, a child. It was so awesome. So beautiful. Maybe a bit ugly with an amalgam of varying observations.
Yeah… what started as a very humble, diffuse, vague drop, now continues a trend of exciting, hope filled, and pleasurable stretch.

It’s been a while since I put my senses to write. But hey! It’s that special day in many days and I can’t keep mute. The tunes of many song writers meander their ways through my tiny vine and I’m totally filled with joy. Looking back from the very day I realized me, it’s all been by the hand of God.

A complete waste and hopeless entity I would have been had the LORD not been on my side. Who am I that the Almighty is mindful off? That I don’t live an ordinary life.

When it all started, it looked so blurry, even as though there was no light at all. Where have we found ourselves? So far from actual civilization. That small gold mining community of Bogoso. The family in the humble abode up on one of the hills of grade one. School? Was it not just a formality for every child back then? We joined in anyway. Glory to God for the family. The direction was so great. The times on the farm, indulging all sweat glands available to ensure ends met. The times in the gutters at the center of the town when close friends passed by. The days of entering the deep to carry to the roadside bamboo logs through miles of walk. The times when I would intentionally escape going to church just to catch some rest.

The tit bits of ailments, the fear, and the timidity that almost threw all the talent into waste. It’s been a wonderful number of years of massive transformation and a showcase of Gods glory.

I couldn’t have been any thankful to my maker for such a path he laid for me in this life. Ten years ago today, if someone had asked where I would be by now, I’m sure if my answer had not been “I don’t know”, then it wouldn’t have been anything better than useless. But now here I stand, SAVED, alive, a Christian, a workman of God, a writer, a medical doctor, a photographer and surely, a business minded dude.

If he did it for me, he will do it for you. He’s intentional, never failing. He makes the path for waters in the deserts.

THANK YOU LORD JESUS. Better days ahead.

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us


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