MAKE HIM A MAN, KEEP HIM SAVED (Don’t make him perish)

He is the same handsome man you met
Nothing has changed if you haven’t
He doesn’t buy the gifts any more
Or wash the plates any longer
Neither does he open the car’s door
For you to sit like a goddess
That doesn’t mean he has changed

niceHe stays too long at work
And doesn’t come home till its night
He doesn’t eat your food
Or praise you for how good your meals are
Neither does he lay the bed
Nor offer to wash your clothes when you can’t
That doesn’t mean he’s changed



He no longer takes you out on dates
He doesn’t cut your nails and apply the
Or walk with you in the woods
He doesn’t undo your braids
Neither does he iron your clothes
Nor help zip your dress.
That doesn’t mean he’s changed.

He doesn’t join you under the shower
imagesAnd he doesn’t apply the oil on your body
Or does he give you a listening ear.
He doesn’t look into your eyes and smile
Neither does he share his grief
Nor talk you into sleeping.
That definitely does not mean he has changed.

He is still the handsome man you metsuspect
He has not changed if you haven’t given him a reason to
He might have slept a while
And lost control of himself
To have slipped into the mud
To have run of the tracks
But that doesn’t mean he has changed

If you’ve not kept him there, he wouldn’t be there
nagHe doesn’t need your shout, or the detective in you
And the showcase of how wicked you can be
Your anger and rage or your payback
He doesn’t want to see you always snap a bark
He didn’t bargain the nag in you
That ditches him deeper in his messy mire


He’s not changed when you allow him to eat at 11pm
From that vendor and yet sleep at 12am
He doesn’t need you to remind him utility and the fees are his duty
He’s not changed when you are always in tears and give him no reason to believe with hope
When you’ve turned a warrior rather than a comforter
And every act of yours is an arrow that pierces the core of his joy
He’s not changed when his heart beats not while he’s beside you.

No matter what, when, where, how, or even how many times,
He fell into that ditch, and run that guile
Your man needs your embrace and the forgiving heart
He needs your prayer, sacrifice and tolerance
He needs you to be a companion and not an alien under the same roof
He won’t change if you hold his hand and draw him out of the mess and save him for the sky.

He’s not changed and will never change
If the first thing he sees in a day is your comforting smile
If he never feels Mama is too far
If every misgiving of his is captured in your silent yet loud love
Your man has not changed because of what he’s done
If you love him and need him badly as you insist,
Keep him a man, saved for the Heavens by praying him out of the misery.

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