Love Left Lonely

Sometimes we wish the very people we cherish stayed a little bit longer

From the square window I watched

Through the units of mesh

The birds flew in such style

The chip-cherp of the birds

Drawing together such melody

The clouds in harmony

Not so dark, not so bright

Then the birds started flying in groups

I could feel summer was nearing an end

I had taken the lead in the bathroom

Waiting for the usual

That together, we would share

But I could hear your voice from afar

Telling me to hold on.

Not to ever let go

That you would certainly come

Nude as i was, my skin was running cold every passing second

It hadnt been like usual

But I had to wait

Wait and believe

That you would certainly come

That you wont leave me all alone in the cold

Then suddenly…so suddenly…

I felt that rub on my shoulder

That caressing touch from behind 

Ssssssshhhhh…. you said …

Wrapping you hands around my chest 

And drawing closer like never before

Into my ears you whispered, you are the substance of my heart

Then your lips touched 

I could feel the desire in you

So I turned…to see your pretty face once again

Only to see the alarm clock beeping at the sixth hour of the day

Then I realized you were really gone

Never to come again

But there is only one thing I know.

You are gone…But your love still stays closer with me as always 

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