I have been born… so I have to live. I have been introduced to Life, so I must have an affair with him. In doing this, I come by a whole lot. A great multitude of elements I can’t just imagine. I must be tactical. I must be strategic. I must show how smart I can be. I must be famous. I must be trusted. I must win. I must succeed – not just in one thing, but in everything. Be it possible, I must be the name on my people’s minds – of course for the tangible reasons. Simply put, I must be perfect. I must be the perfectionist, before I fade away.
This isn’t that easy as it seems. But it can be more glorious than it sounds. How can I be perfect when all mankind has accepted imperfection? How can I be perfect when no one thinks it’s possible? How can I be fulfilled when everyone perceives no man has done it all? How can I be the perfectionist in a world where perversion and cheats stay in the confines of comfort? How can I be perfect in a world where there is little synergy but maximum antagonism? How can I be perfect when I don’t understand what perfect actually is? How…Oooh how? How can I be perfect when my world isn’t?
I guess to be perfect, then I must build it up. One block at a time. One slate at a time. One alphabet at a time. And certainly, one day at a time. My perfection wouldn’t come from the blues. It is mine. And I have to work for it. How I wish it would fall on me like the rains in winter. But I understand. I have to live to attain it. The every second act in that very moment of every minute in a day counts. My whole being, should be the bits of perfect moments I had.
Then when I have finally faded away. I have an account to render. A recap to key in. A report to deliver and a flashback to reconcile with. That’s the time my maker and the one who sent me to earth’s surface would enter the archived catalog of my life. To bring before my very eyes the very actions in every moment I lived. In his perfect setting. The scenery of super gold and royalty shall it be sought of me how perfect the moments I lived on earth were. And before the entire angelic host, the pillars of the heavens and the epitome of divinity, the perfect moment of my life shall be revealed. That is the day I will be an audience to my own lives cinema.
But the issue is – I didn’t live all alone by myself in this big universe. You were with me. We made the world what it was. You affected my life and I affected yours. Together, we affected their lives as well. We all made the pilgrimage. So just like me, you would also face divinity. You would be an audience to your lives premiering. Your perfect moment would be revealed. It isn’t time for that day yet. But it is an assured day. We would face it. But the still small voice asks this “What Would Be Your Perfect Moment?”
Would your perfect moment be when you helped that kid cross the road? Would it be when sat at the tables of that drinking spot? Would it be when you gave that beggar that coin? Would it be when you asked that lady out? Would it be your wedding day? Would it be that moment at Paris? Would it be when you felt sorry for the sick? Would it be when you shouted at that old man? Would it be when your anger got into your head? Would it be when you intentionally refused to offer help to the needy? Would it be the moment you said Amen after your prayers? Would it be the moment you read this article?
Which moment would be your perfect Moment?
Think twice and make everything about your life just perfect. Just make every fiber of your being perfect.

Benyin – Mensah Obed. ( OMB)

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