Second Letter to My Love

Good morning my Love
I still await our new dawn
When our souls shall meet.

Letter II
As I sit on this bed in boredom,
I run tired, replaying in fantasy
Our meeting in my wonderland
My skin frosts cold.

When the birds flap off their roost,
They make melodies that remind
Me of your coming
So I wait, in pain, yet I smile.

My eyes cannot afford but to cry.
Your beauty deserves
No wrinkles, so I try.
My tears, for that day, I preserve.

Will you really come?
Will you find me worthy?
Will I mean to you, love?
Shall a sign herald you?

Please spare my anxious desire.
Let my wish not scare you.
Tarry not long in the unknown.
The cold on me seeks your thaw.


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