LET’S GO HUNTING – Our Love, Our Way.

Hold. Hold my hand
Hold me tight.
Hold me right.
By my faith. So we don’t faint.

Let’s go now. Through the snow.
Slide Us through. Down the olds.
Our breaths we hold. Let’s not fold.
On Arctics cold, we’ll find our gold.

Let’s go now. Away from our now.
Through the seasons, to Pearson.
Not a treason. With our own reason.
A decision, out of passion – Precision

Let’s go hunting.
No! We aren’t hungered.
We just got triggered.
And Our future, needs to be figured.

Snap a finger. With me forever
Let’s gather. The pieces together.
There’s no order. With us.
We find another. Reason. Just not to bother.

Now we’re here.  No more there.
It used to be blur. Now it’s clear.
Our Love as bare. We’re our Dear.
Yes we share. It’s that rare.

Ignore. Let them go.
Ditch. Let them sink.
Sack. Wall them off.
Hit. Beat them Out.

Societal Stands
Traiditional traits.
Religious Rites.
Counsellor’s cares

Our Love, Our Life, Our Way. Just how we want it.

Benyin-Mensah Obed (April 2020)


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