There are several moments in life…several of them…so, so, sooooo…many of them. The very ones we might meet anytime, no one knows. We just meet them. And we have to make them our welcomed guests. Some become comrades – leaving behind ineradicable memories. (I hope you’ve not started thinking about some of them?). Several are the moments we revisit and wish we stayed with them the whole of our lives. But because nature and time don’t work that way, we must leave them, with sorrow, in pain, with helpless fingers and desiring fractured hearts to squat indifferently through others or maybe, just maybe, have our joy trampled upon by the bitter days.
poi But life (it) gets to a point where:
The moon rises in the morning and the sun shines at night
Mother tigress naps and baby cub is stolen away
It storms not but the vegetation cannot be still
It rains and the flames of the fire heighten
Gravity acts no more and things never fall
Logic hands over justice to arbitrary
The ocean dries away
Time loses control
Pain lures pleasure into hiding, sorrow purchases the integrity of happiness
Help stands by and cries with knotted hands.
Care lingers at the outskirts of the city, watched by shielding soldiers
 The beauty in us screams for help and we cry, and we weep and we think the end has come. Our lips throw “it’s all over about everywhere”.
poin In such times, what do we do? What should we do? Where should we go? When it gets to that point…what would be our answer to that QUESTION?

Benyin-Mensah Obed (B.M.O)

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