๐ŸŽ†If All I Could…๐ŸŽ†

If wondering was all I could,
And my being would accept all but nothing,
I would think about the splendour of His Majesty, the purity of His nature.
My mind, would travel no shorter than to embrace the enormity of His creation.

The sheep’s skin as hair
Countenance of the sun
Beasts in kinds
Waters,skies and soils

If learning was all I could do,
And my spirit wouldn’t accept a gist but the fullness of Him,
I will learn of His ways, read of His will and seek of His living.
My brains will desire the mystery of how He spends each second. What in all, at all, He does with all.

Thousand days as one
One as a thousand
Mercies in the morning
Love undisputed.

If singing was all I could do,
And my soul will request none heathen but pure,
I will sing not to praise but His praise.
Manifold blessings to Him will my lips produce
Extol: Exhort:Magnify: Adore, my tongue will, his indescribable awe.

Enduring protection
Favour unmerited: Grace
Unceasing provision
Good wishes in heavenly places

If I could run, if running was all I could do,
And my strength not fail my bones,
I would run to His temple: before His presence: where my joy thrives
Not to the tavern: the club where my spirit guilts.
My legs will roam all planets to deliver what is more than honey, even milk of the breast, to all, who live at all: His Word.

Mysteries untold
Letters unread
Strolls untied
Seals unbroken:Something unknown.

If I could fly, If flying was all I could,
And the wings of the skies would lend to me their feathers,
I would fly to the heavens, where his dwelling is and not to Paris or Egypt where the arm of flesh beautifies.
My imaginations would fly to the attendance of His sumptuous throne, the seat of mercy, the purgery and perfector of my requests: where His tabernacle resides.

The sevenfold Spirits
Creatures of perfect place
A score and four elders,
A host of fire and wind in one vessels

If I could speak, If speaking was all I could do,
And my voice would not grow weary nor run thin,
I will speak to perfect his own, to comfort and to deliver.
My cords will carry to all hearts, the riches of the mystery of the glory: which is Christ in you, the Hope of Glory.

Obed Mensah-Benyin (September 2016)

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