He is Forever Present

I was ecstatic
My joy had primed
I was all smiles, always.
In my council: love, prosperity, even grace
What good thing had life not accorded me?

Sorrow had been for long distant
I had forgotten about misery
The least i could have in a day was a tonn of smiles.
What good thing had life not given me?

I watched her gasp for the last tint of breath
It was candid how desirous she was to last another second with me
But before my own glare, my mother threw her iris about and gave up on her life.
How worse could life be to me?

Mama always said it shall be well.
How could this be when in that sick bed Ive been for months
I see my husband mate my maid on my mat.?
How worse could life be to me?

I could have been the best and not the worst.
I could have been the first and not the last
Why am I not the strongest but weakest
Why ain’t l the richest but the poorest?
How else could the world be mean to me?

I run all such wits
I lived all such fates
Not one, not twice but immeasurable times,
In joy and in sorrow
In pain and in relief

My world gave me a reason to believe
That my God isn’t present
That my God doesn’t care
That my God is just what my gullible imaginations have fabricated
That he isn’t what his word says he is

But when my father arose, he didnt give me a miracle
He didnt raise an argument
My God did not famish a story
My LORD threw me not into a scuffle
He lifted a standard

A fortress that never fades nor fails
He didn’t prove a point, for there was no better justification
He forbade the war of bitterness in me
And showed me his Love..that has been forever present
What shall separate his love from me

His Love for me; Forever assured
Surely his presence: forever solidified
My circumstances count not.
He’s the pillar that holds my life
This blessed assurance holds: My God forever cares.

O. M. B (September 2016)

☁🎈🎈 🎈🎈☁

The multi dimensional measure of Gods love: length, width, breadth, depth. The of God is assured, devoid of prevailing circumstances. It is our access usage of his Love that is deficient. 

God’s Love is forever Assured.  

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