Along the streets of the cities. In the woods of the forests. Along the path of the wilderness, people are building. Everybody is putting up something. On their farms, in their backyards, even in their halls, people are growing. Men are planting. Everybody is growing. Even where there is no land, even where there is no space, along the shores of Nile, people are building. There seems to have been an increase in urgency. Everybody seems serious. No one is relaxing at all. No one is playing a bit, no one, not even that toddler, is ready to waste time, everybody is putting up a structure.
The city grows fast, its buildings grow taller, and its beauty heightens. Prospects of fortune lie in its wait. Glorious the world seems- our small worlds, the collective world, and the subjective world. A lot of structures are under construction – the seen and the imagined, the realized and the fantasized.
What at all are men building? What at all can they build? Can they build everything they wish? Can their buildings stand the test of time? These are some funny questions akin to the thoughts of the preschool and the authorities of philosophy alike. Irrespective of what we might think, everybody is building something. Everyman is building something up, everyman is putting up a structure. Along the roads, we see many magnificent buildings growing up from nowhere. They are really nice. Sometimes we are even thrown into awe about where resources for such high level extremes come from. Others have gone beyond building the physical to build the unseen. Some have built passions, some have lived dreams, some have built services, and others have built happiness. Many have built happy families. A lot have lived their lives, building hope for others, laying down solid foundations for the establishment of other lives.
Take a look around you and you would realize that everybody is doing something to increase. To become better. To take leave of the former. To embrace the new man. Everybody is doing their best, not to remain the same. Everybody has seen there is a change we need. Everybody has recognized it. And everybody knows we need it. This is what we can say as people build. Many are strengthening their faith. Others are building characters. Day in and day out, humans are becoming better people. People are learning. They are throwing challenges to themselves and at one another. They just want to be better. They just want to grow more. They are building mansions. And in those mansions would you find joy, peace, happiness, respect, with no fear and hope for the future.
Are you building as well? Are you helping in the change? Are you growing? You can’t be the bad nut. The odd one in. As they build, and we see them build. We must siphon inspiration from them. To ignore the preschool paintings that require no skill at all, and aim for the architectural display that unearths our potential. Their growth, should be our legacy that we live by to draw even if not excel for others to follow as well.
We can’t afford but to grow as well.

Benyin-Mensah Obed … (OMB)


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