This POST presents to you a discovery of realization encountered by virtue of purporting responsibility. I had just gone to him to inquire about how best one duty I had to clear could be harnessed impeccably. Then during the chat, something phenomenal happened. It just happened that way. A lady extended a courteous greeting as she passed by us. I turned, saw her going and commented “a very beautiful lady. Isn’t she?” Then the actual realization started.
Every creature on the surface of the earth is as a result of the work piece of the almighty Lord. All such creatures have been created unto good works for the perfection of a normal ecosystem function. Every single entity in that system plays a very significant role irrespective of how infinitesimal it might present structurally. The ant, the termite, the cockroach, the deer, the antelope, the tiger, man, flies, the shore, the vegetation, the stones, the woods, the whales, the catfishes, just name them. Though it might sound as an old cliché, they were all created for a purpose. A purpose only known to them and their maker.
Even in the human race are two different groups of creatures the so circumspect about aesthetics and the so circumspect about power and strength. Distinguished by morphology and hidden genetics. Different they are. And even amongst the female race, we meet different people. The critical would have realized segregation isn’t difficult a matter with humanity and maybe specifically with the female race. The female, generally seen by the opposite side as “dull”, “not deep in thought”, weak in all respects, though beautiful and very pleasing to the eye. But should every man be judged on preformed generalizations? Should we look at every individual on a specific platform or the generalizations would be good enough to ascertain the real quality of the person?
Without a doubt, the lady is one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful creature made by God. This might be a general, somehow subjective and somehow objective assertion. But the most important is looking at that race from a closer view. And from the conversation I had with him, that one statement he uttered widened my field of view and lengthened my focus.
After the lady passed and I commented, he drew me into a chamber and said “Yeah… she is beautiful. But every lady has where her beauty lies”. I was confused. Though I had heard beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But I thought what is objective would continue to remain objective in the presence of honesty. But on a second thought and several weeks of serious observation, his statement was as true as snow is white.
Maybe many guys, you are one of the guys who look at beauty of Ladies from a narrowed angle. Sometimes the sum of the individual parts is greater than the whole. Some are beautiful when they put on the make-up, some are when they are in the natural state, some are beautiful when they smile, and others are when they talk, even when they walk. Some ladies have their beauty residing in their hairs, others have theirs in their well-endowed body curvatures, and some also have theirs in their complexion. A lady might beautiful only on one very hairstyle. What attracts your attention doesn’t necessarily make her beautiful. Look further.
No matter what, how, or when, God created the lady beautiful. Where that beauty lies is what you should look out for. There is beauty in every woman. There is beauty in every lady. It is hidden somewhere. Irrespective of the physical value. She is beautiful. So next time when you look out for beauty, don’t just rely of bodily endowments or facial appealing. Rather, look for where, how and when you can erupt that beauty. Gracias…

Benyin-Mensah Obed…..
If you would want to know who the conversation was with, just contact me……hahahahahahhaa….


  1. #Word!!! Man, you’re gifted. Br)fo ak3se ak3se nkoteee…..normal ecosystem function and stuff. But this is a great piece. Keep it up!

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