It was so popular and we sang it every Sunday at church. It was one of our favorite Sunday school songs.
In my father’s house.heaven2
There are many mansions.
In my father’s house in heaven.
Happy, happy, happy we shall be.
In my father’s house in heaven.
His only son had graduated from the University of Kansas. He studied Law and majored in medical law. He had stayed in the states for almost half of his life. After graduation, it was ripe the time for him to come back home. Come back to Africa. To the land of his descent. He had to return to his royalty. He had to return to the warm arms of family. Being a royal, he was met at the airport with a fleet. His Dad, the King of the people of Kibash, had stayed home awaiting his son’s arrival. When the news got to him that his beloved son had reached the airport, the desire in him heightened. He charged all workers at the palace to expedite actions on his son’s arrival ceremony. Amongst all other things, he asked for two keys to be brought to him. One to the door of a mansion he had bought for his son and the second to a car he had purchased in his wait. His banquet hall was one to be wished for by all humanity. The day was indeed set for a wonderful surprise to this young and lucky Prince. The heir to the throne of Kibash.
But then, the unfortunate ensued. The King of Kibash had waited a whole day. Knowing very well that the journey from the airport to Kibash was a maximum of five hours by car, he was becoming anxious. Initially, he thought maybe his son might have wanted to have a feel of how the country has experienced modernization since he left. It turned out to be that a whole day of waiting was a bit too much. All of a sudden, the convoy that was to bring the Prince arrived. The King was happy. Finally, he was going to behold his son once again. Then he can give him the gift he has always dreamed of granting his only son.
The chief guard on the convoy drew close to the King and whispered some words into his ears. At that very moment, the King screamed out a big NOOOO! Then the corpse of the Prince was drawn out of one of the cars on the convoy. He had died from and accident on their way home. The King looked at his son with melancholy and turned to the mansion that he had prepared before which he stood. With the keys in his hands now barely useless, he said, “Who will occupy this empty mansion?”
Just like this King, a man lived on earth several years ago. He sacrificed everything he had. He gave every single thing he had to mankind. All in the name of preserving the lives of humanity. He was the epitome of sacrifice. In that he sacrificed even his own life that others would attain salvation. And this man after this great sacrifice, crowned it all by attaining for humanity the eternity of life. He stepped into the battlefield to defeat death and all pain associated grumbles. After this victory, he resurrected and went up to his rightful place. But before he left, he assured all men on earth of several mansions for each and every one of us in the only perfect place life could ever encounter. Each one of us on the surface of this earth has a mansion in place for us. To occupy it depends on the choices we make now. It depends on what we put our faith in. And how big our mansion would be would depend on the life we lead after the choices we make.
So what would happen to this man if he passes by your mansion and realize that it’s empty? How would he feel if he comes around to tender to us the keys to our mansions so we could occupy them and realizes they are empty? How would he feel after all that toil – just for you and me – only to realize we chose not to accept his gift of eternal life for which he suffered? If he sacrificed even his life to attain these mansions for us? What are we also sacrificing to make people occupy their rightful mansions? The world needs to know that every one of them have a mansion specially prepared for them, for which they are rightful legal owners.
How many empty mansions would we want to see in this perfect place? So many are out there, unaware of the goodies they have in store for them. We are the only ones to make them aware. What are we doing about it? Let us make his toil meaningful. Many are already lost but the many that we can save, let us save. Those mansions can’t remain empty. Your word to that person can save his life. Show him JESUS, give him life and grant him a safe dwelling – in that empty mansion in Heaven on high with God most HIGH.

Trigerspice (O.M.B)

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