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Through the Year

through the year Are you a puzzle without an answer?Shall I deem you a journey on an unknown road?Ahead lies mirages of fear,Stretches of undulating ground,Through shades in a wild sun’s stare In flowing streams a fallen seed seeks groundMeet for an outburst of her tamed life.Tough as this travel screamsWaters she shall imbibe till …

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Reckon a day that sits amongst the unknown.  Envision her glory in sparkling crowns  Snow may meander its way to summers day.  Out of nowhere will she wish to fall this way.  Look with a sharpened heart at her fake gaze.  Unlock hidden mysteries from this maze.  Though the path to our wish lies in …

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A NewDay.

A Day Is Coming. New. New. New. As Normal And Ordinary. Like The Thursday We’ve Known We shall call it, “a Newday” A move is on its way. Freedom is coming once again. She took a trip down the dark. But all too soon she realized. Her place is with us. Just as fear creeped …

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