Being Grateful…

On several occasions, I have ended up in church – not a single denomination, quite a number. This observation seems to run the fiber of either the testimonies or prayer topics which are raised. In an attempt to show how beholden we are to God for the innumerable blessings, the backbone of that appreciation seems to be hinged on the comparisons drawn with the rather unfortunate circumstances that might have befallen others. Unintentional as it may be, an array of separation is drawn to say that God probably for some unknown reason has been biased in our favour, rendering the untoward towards the afflicted. If we truly believe that whatever befell such persons was no act of deserved punishment, then we all do stand an equal probability of facing such wits.

Not to be argumentatively loquacious and draw beyond the intended communique, I believe there are a whole lot of things we could be appreciative to God for inherently, innately without focusing on the nulls and negatives in others. The normal day to day function of the various parts of the external biome and internal homeostasis in the world you live in, however frustrating it may present, is not a must.

From the first crow of the birds that resonates the drums of your ears to awaken your consciousness or the ray of light that permeates those eyelids to strike the core of your retina, drawing your lenses open to feel alive again, through those revitalizing yawns and stretches that makes you take steps into the new day, till darkness draws sleep closer once more to make your consciousness a distant nature, – you have enough reason to be grateful to God.

Maybe our expectations, demands, of life have made our threshold for gratitude to God based on the outcome of the two extremes of life’s ensues. We find reason to be appreciative when the wild positives come our way. When we pass that mystifying exams. When the long expected pregnancy ensues. When a job opportunity presents. Maybe when marriage beckons. To the other extreme, when our escapade of a vehicular accident is that dramatic. When a rampage of robbery skips our roof. When a daughter recover from a sickness. Maybe these are the issues that prick the sense of appreciation in us.

A journey through life in a day is more of a survival than a routine considering the many things which could go wrong and that everything is based on uncertainty. The provision of God isn’t only for the high positives or the escaped negatives. His provision is invested the more in what keeps you through every circumstance to have the strength and ability to will, deduce, analyze, decide and carry out to effect that thought. Having your internal body working normally, and the external environment function usual requires nothing less off divine orchestration.

How many times have you woken up from bed and been thankful to God for the ability to chew, to eat, to yawn, to sit, to sleep, to stand, to breath, to urinate, to talk, to walk, to smile, to express your emotions, to respond to the world in which you are? What of the ability to be continent? Will we wait until that function is probably lost until we realize we should have been appreciative for something we cannot have any longer?

Do we feel appreciative enough that our external environment remains in a steady equilibrium on a daily basis, allowing us to feel welcome in it?

Well, we need to up our game on how appreciative we are to God for the seemingly normal or usual things. Whenever you are blessed to see the light of the new day, whenever a system self-check ticks all parts at live sustaining function, please do not be negligent of Gods appreciation.

He deserves more. Not contrasts. Not in the highs of life alone. In the very regular things.

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