Behind the scenes

Some I see: I see smiles
Others I see: I see cries
Some I see, my soul worships
Others I see: my spirit trembles

From where they come
To where they head
The journey they’ve made
The lapse ahead

The burden they carry
The freedom they seek
The same they’ve sold
An end I see, their eyes can’t afford

With pleasure some walk
In tatters some creep
How fast some are
To dooms end they run

To whom they run
At who’s request they gather
What charge they keep
Unto them unknown

Eyes that see but darkness
Ears that hear but silence
Hearts that wish but vanity
Hands that work but inequity

Free in their own way
Blurred are their thoughts
Wallowing pass the signs of danger
Miss not the mark and they stray

Of counts innumerable
With desires unquenchable
At them he laughs unstoppably
From Hades’ sizzling pit

From Glory’s end I marvel
The works of my hand
Of what they have become
A blemish to my likeness

Their end I desire they see
Today’s joy ephemeral
But my love their will detests
Their flesh blinds them with passion

O.M.B 2016 …

If only men knew what is there after earth… 🌍
Behind the scenes… Indeed we can repent

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