When beauty beckons on your door
With such intensity
When she knocks as the frame of your emotions
With such demand

When she searches through every fiber of the heart
With such desire
The strength of the hardened fades
The security of the gallant is thrown into shambles

When beauty calls out
In the streets
Along the isle
High on the mountain
In the tiny chambers

When she lays lose
Her value of valor
That aesthetic value
From within and without

Thrones bow
The insanity of even the wise prevails
The thoughts of the well aligned is disfigured
The enviousness of her comrades is awakened
The field of view of men is narrowed
And their concentrations are dwindled

When she awakens
With all that is in her
Expect nothing
Nothing but the unprecedented

When she arises
With all her wealth
Stay not ignorant of her antics
She can explode nightmares

When she sneaks in
With all her worth
Don’t underestimate her
She can be unstoppable

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