I am seeking, I am Striving, I am in it with all my Heart. 

Van Gogh

It has been a week since I had this convo, but it keeps rippling back and I think as short as it might be, you knowing about it wouldn’t be bad. 

I had called Kofi over to help take over the care for my fowls as I intended to make a trip to Kumasi over the weekend. As part of our usual confabs when we meet, we started speaking about a myriad of things. The most striking was when we got to the topic about “Housemanship”. Kofi’s most bitter regret was why he never knew from medical school that it was possible to actually have it (housemanship) done in four different facilities i.e. to do each of the four different rotations in a different facility spending six months at each end. To him, back in medical school, all he knew was that, it was compulsory to have a full year in one facility and another in the next facility – a great explanation to why most graduates from Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, KATH, ended up staying right there. 

“Asking and not assuming is the beginning of “WISDOM.” You can learn anything just by asking any question. Wisdom begins with constant “QUESTIONING” not assuming what we don’t know. We only come to know what we know, when we ask.”

– Henry Johnson Jr. 

Well, I gave a small laugh that gestured, “but you realized it doesn’t have to be so. didn’t you?” We shared a smile. Then he asked the next question, rhetoric as it seemed, I had to force an answer – “But why is it that no one tells you this thing when you are in school?” My impulse driven answer has been the premise for lots of thinking of late – “The good secrets to this life don’t come easily. You need to ask and seek to be told, to get to know”. 

What we have in abundance in this world are the easy to go and less productive information. For the more productive information, the ones that set you on the path of greatness, the ones that separate the ordinary from the elite, they do not hang on trees. They don’t showcase themselves in day-to-day conversations. They aren’t part of the daily news train. They don’t fly about with the breeze of noonday. Rather, they are hidden in the heads of others. In the books on shelves. In course notes.  To find them, you need to ask. You need to seek. 

The opportunities are many. Just like doors. They don't just open. You have to open them.

Are you wondering why they aren’t easily told? Well. That is simple. The next person who habours that bit of information is torn in different minds. 

1. He doesn’t know you care about the information he yields. 

2. Even if he does, he doesn’t know how bad you wish to have it. 

3. He doesn’t know how important that information would be to you.

4. What if he just doesn’t care whether you need it or not?

5. He thinks you possibly know it already.

6. He wants to preserve your privacy. Everyone wishes to keep their life as private as possible. No one wants to be seen as the intruder. So everyone is keeping to themselves. Until you give them the right, your space isn’t a go area. 

So that is the world we live in. Good information wouldn’t walk its way to you. you would have to go seeking and asking of her whereabouts. No one wants to puncture your privacy. 


46 thoughts on “ASK, SEEK, FIND”

  1. Mavis Konning

    Thanks my dear friend, I ve been inspired by the massage. The issue is knowing the right person to fish the right information from. Hope to encounter the right people for the right information. God help us.

    1. Thanks Mavis. I am pretty sure Gid makes a way in every situation. The good people are out there, deciding to ask will lead you to them ultimately

  2. Concise and rich! Many are the times we assume information should be handed to us like it’s our birthright 😅
    The Bible even said you should seek and you shall find. Nice one bro 🤝

    1. I each and every time accustomed to read through paragraph in news papers but now as I am a person of World-wide-web Consequently from now I am utilizing Internet for articles or blog posts, thanks to World wide web.

  3. Abishag Serwaah Kohl

    This is so worth reading. Indeed good knowledge doesn’t come easy to us. I’ve been inspired. Thank you!

      1. I think that there is a lot of wisdom in our daily conversations with others too, you just need to pay extra attention! I will disagree with you on that 😊 but this is an amazing piece 👍😘

        1. Yeah.. But even with that.. You have to actively make meaning from that… To seek such information..not taking daily converstaions as mere is enough seeking

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  4. Prince Oppong-Kyekyeku

    You’ve stressed on the important issue, the society we live in sees people who ask questions as ‘too known’, our parents/siblings shuts our mouths right from infancy, call us names when we try to ask questions. I say we’re partly not the cause of such, but in the end you’ve got to realize how beneficial asking questions would be and carry on with it. My take!

    1. Great one bro… Great… It’s something that keeps majority dwindling in the meagre wrong info they have had and not knowing the need to seek more… If it becomes a norm, hmmm

      1. Hello! This publish couldn’t be prepared any greater! Reading through this write-up jogs my memory of my aged area mate! He often saved speaking about this. I will ahead this publish to him. Reasonably specified he may have a superb read through. Many thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post. To quote the great philosopher Confucius: “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”

    Cheers mate.

  6. Monica Tiewul

    Too knowing or a disturber is the name giving to someone who ask too much questions but whether you are given names or not you have gotten what you want and that is it. Talk it out or ask always and don’t assume.

    Great and well written

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