what is notchinyou about??

A couple of years ago, a writer was born. He didn’t know what he could do and didn’t believe he could write. But with time, Obed Benyin-Mensah, T – Spice, realised he had a “Notch” in him – a well of potential knotted. This required digging and unleashing.  The domain name “Notchinyou” was birthed and now paves way to an array of life-changing pieces. One of the best things to have come your way. 


Present you, my reader, with life-changing content you cannot resist. 

Make you know, you’re more than you ever thought possible


There is no greater experience than that which triggers attitudinal change. You’ve not experienced it if it hasn’t changed something about you

Core Values


-Through YOU, Notchinyou would become a site on everyone’s heart. The song they sing. The air they breathe. Their go to site for refreshment.