ABC of Love. To the special person who has made Love meaningful.

When I was:
Abused and abased,
Bruised and battered,
crushed and crumbled,
Desolate and demeaned,

You came my way to:
Elevate and energize,
Find and free,
Gear and garnish,
Heal and hail me with your love.

I was:
Inept or insulated,
Jaded or jailed,
Kidnapped or knotted,
Locked or lost – in the misery of my past.

I had been:
Matted and mottled,
Naive and nonchalant,
Obsessed and oppressed
Preyed and played by my trust in what was not Love.

So suddenly, I looked and saw your:
Quiet but quick
Rare but revitalizing
Slow but sure
Testing but true Love

Uplifting and upgrading
Vibrating and venting
Weaving and washing
Yearning and yeilding the glimmer of Love in me.

Now in Zion, I role Xylophones, the melodies of Perfect Love

OMB – 2019

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