TRENDS OF OUR TIME -SO1EO2 – Time to stand


It is now my pleasure to invite an honorable young man to take over from me as he delivers a message he tags, “my word”. I will bear with you that it has been a very long day but I know he would offer us nothing but a refreshing episode even as he brings us the last item on this section of this year’s annual general conference.
And don’t forget that the 10th edition of the annual general conference of our only great Xelit Group of Companies would not be deemed successful unless it is climaxed with an explosive night of wining, dining and awards ceremony. So, after this session, make sure you grab that elegant personality for the all intriguing event. The time is exactly 20:00pm (g.m.t) and the venue still remains the 3rd floor of The Elite Towers.
Shall we please welcome him with a round of applause as he takes over from me?

Theo walks of the podium after handing over the microphone to Rex and gestures to him a smile. With a smirk on his face he removes two sheets of yellow paper from his blue file and positions them well on the plate of the podium even as he squats to leave the file on the middle inner desk of the lectern.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen of Xelit. I wouldn’t be any loquacious.
I stand before an elite group of people as a “nobody”, as someone of no known background, as a low ranked member of this great company group. But I do not regard myself as such and I know you also don’t regard yourself as such, only because of that singular reason that we all have the same anatomic and physiologic architectural make-up, with only a small margin of variation. The even more emphasizing effect is that the whims of grace and probability has drawn us all into one honorable jurisdiction, a course we can’t but to honor with all we have and from which we draw our livelihoods – a fact that needs not be overexpressed.
This is my fifth year since I joined the publishing sub-company of this institution. I might not have met the great founders of Xelit, but all of us here can be proud of the good works they did some time ago. This is what has made us who we are today. If we have chalked any success in life, then it has been because we have been members of Xelit group of companies. Their good works cannot just be left to lie kidnapped in the old sheets of history under the confines of solitude when we could make good use of them. From the establishment of Xelit, you and I would attest that they, of good memory, thought of a greater Xelit than we are experiencing now. We have done well but we could even do better. Our individual acts, every single one of them, should be towards making us great. But what we hear in Xelit aren’t always what is expected. It is true that we form a social community where one or the other vices cannot be overlooked but I believe Xelit is way beyond that. We can create our own heaven for ourselves here in Xelit. An atmosphere where people both from within and the outside would have an indelible experience with us. Our customers would love this the most.
Someone somewhere would definitely have to step on the wheels and address this issue. Irrespective of the rank. The backbiting, laxity and interior malignancies we experience can stop. And yes I believe they can stop. We can stop it. We can put a stop to all those if we are going to be truthful to ourselves. If only we would mount a strategic war against the fear in us, both collectively and individually, then greatness would surely be our limit. I know most of us here are amazed and wondering who at all is this gentleman and what is he talking about. I stood here not to say it all, but to trigger your thoughts and your conscience towards a direction where equity, justice and perfectionism would be our target. Xelit hasn’t made it all yet, we can do more than better, we can actually do it all. Yes we can….Thank God and thank you. Long live Xelit group of Companies.

Rexford concludes and takes leave of the stage as there is a mixture of countenances and reactions towards him from all angles. Some applauding and others caught in utter disclosure.
“Hey, what did you just do up there? You never hinted me or showed any signs of doing that. Alex asked with so much seriousness on his face. What were you up to?

“What did I do? Rex asked back looking out as though he was looking out for something that had caught his attention in the crowd”

Seriously? Like seriously?? Are you asking me? You mean you don’t know what you just did? Hmmm…..what were you thinking of achieving by doing that? I really want to know… I really do want to know. Alex said showing more seriousness with the issue.

“Alex..But what have I done? I just know I left that podium some few minutes ago. That’s all I did. Nothing else”.

“It’s obvious you left the podium but have you forgotten you stood by it for about fifteen good minutes, and not just stand by it but voice out some words? Strong group of words actually? That’s what you did and I want to know exactly what you wanted to achieve by doing all that. Nothing more, nothing less. Alex responded sounding more impressing and with deepened emotions”.

“I didn’t do anything. I just addressed a non-expectant audience. A group of intellectuals who never anticipated that someone from anywhere would appear before them to be their addresser. I don’t mean anything bad. And if anything at all, I just triggered a sense in them. If there is any reason behind it, I would rather keep it to myself. Simplicita”.

“You think it’s just as simple as you see it? That’s a whole mountain you’ve created for yourself and some of us to dig away. I see it as baseless. Absolutely baseless…unless of course there is more to it that you aren’t ready to tell me. He complains with signs of anger”.
“Hey Alex!, don’t worry, not one bit. This is nothing. Has anyone complained to you? Has anyone told you I have said what hasn’t been said before? Relax!!! Put some smile on that nice face and let’s get out of here. I’m feeling hungry already. I didn’t go for launch. Let’s go and get something to eat at the hotel. Rex says as he places his glass on the stool nearby after taking the last sip and starts to head out of the auditorium”.

“Anyway, I won’t complain much. But don’t say I did not tell you in case something happens. For now I would only hope and pray that this does not trigger any negativity… Alex follows Rex who poses as though there was no one around him taking to him …”
At the dinner

“Rex, we have barely spent a minute in this place. What have you seen? Any damsel?”

“Really? Was that the only thing you could think about? There are so many things that could cause a guy like me to say wooow…seriously?”

“There are many options indeed but knowing your reservations and preferences, this was the most likely differential. Alex said in a teasing manner.”

“I don’t easily comment about sceneries but I think this place deserves my delight. I just love it. Whoever choose this place must have a good taste for perfection and has as well been a grass root guy or lady possibly”.

It was a large area with different lighting systems. There was a smooth blend between the various sections of the area and all of them were differently stricken. The dance hall had a discothèque lighting which grew into different colors at different times making it quite difficult to visualize other people. It sometimes gave of a white appearance.

“Anyway if you say so. I have nothing else to do than to swallow what you’ve said in belief. I have been to places. This is also a place worth the mention. I think I would put all autonomous flings aside. I would have all kinds of fun. This is Alex, and it’s time for fun. I love fun”.
“Well I know you, I’m feeling a bit jaded. I would walk through to find one of the serene places here to relax. Just let me know if something comes up. Rexford says looking around to see a less busy area. Please don’t be silly. I am pleading and I beg, he told Alex gesturing towards him as he leaves for a chair he had identified empty by the counter of the bar”.
“Hello lady Rita, good evening Alex greets taking her by the hand only to pull a seat to sit by her around a round table”.
“Good evening, she replied, seeming so shocked how confidently Alex had approached her….”

……………………………..story continues in episode 3 ……………………………


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