This is what every young home seeksbaby laughs
The very pivot of human perpetuation
If it takes longer to arrive,
Mum gets disturbed
Dad talks less, but thinks more
The concerned keep asking questions



daaaa                                                                        When it finally shows signs of its arrival
Mum gets burdened, but always happy
Dad always comes home earlier
With an expectant heart
To listen to the function of its heart
To observe how heavy Mum has become



                                At its arrival, the day waited on for so long,
Mum endures colicky: the greatest pain ever in her life

    Its first cry is Mama’s relief
The sign of an increasing family,
The reward of efforts from days left behind
The safe arrival of the gift from “Baba”


laugh baby

Its first smile is so much inspiration
Anytime it smiles, everyone at home is happy
It finds happiness in things no one does
As it looks into the skies, it adores things he has no idea about
Nature seems so pleasing

Life seems so rewarding


 Every single time it smiles
Mama sighs relief
Dad stares with pleasure
Grannie feels accomplishedgrand
Gramps thinks fulfillment
Family sees glory.
The world sings, smile and never stop laughing.





black smile



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  1. That’s a wonderful piece…… it happened to me, it brings back memories. wonderful gift from God (Sosthenes)

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