🔔🔔Wedding Bells🔔🔔

​A sleepless night
An awaiting heart
A desiring spirit
My joy, threatens an outburst

A stare at the skies
A count of its stars, its manifolds
A measure of my blessings
Goodness and mercies,my stalkers

A windy morning, cold all the same, my heart beats
A cold bath, numbering the drops through
Pencils on my lips, brushes on my face
Perfected countenance, resplendent

A bunch of flowers, colours of my confidence
Roses on wool, receiving my feet
My path in red, covered in awe,
A walk on the aisle: one like none

A walk, each step, on purpose
A proof of my desire for him:
To the soul that mates mine
A walk of faith: best, if for no return

Many minds, many names, so many feet
To my attendance, my arising: my glory: a ring 💍 on my phalange
The beauty of it: a multitude of witnesses
The lifting of my veil, an outdoor of my for-long hidden treasure

My day, a day crowning my love, the rings of the bells
To confirm one and neglect the many:fitting him for my future
To extend the walk beyond the aisle into the warfront of life
A union with my life’s couple: giving out my body, my all

To be wedded, to be graced, to be glorified
A day of joy, untold beauty, perfect smiles
A day like none, of no return, perpetual unision
The day of my wedding, to say “YES. I DO”

Obed Mensah-Benyin (September 2016)

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